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AWARD – Congratulations to Tristan Caroff and Rossignol’s teams for winning the IoT Lab prize at the 2023 IoT Awards!

​​​​​​Anticipating future needs on the ski market while considering the challenges of more sustainable practices was the goal that the teams from CEA-Leti and Rossignol achieved together, following a 'lab to fab' model.​

Having completed a doctorate in material science at Grenoble INP and launched his career at CEA-Liten, Tristan joined CEA-Leti in 2015 and took over the Smart Ski Experience project in 2022.

Published on 5 February 2024

Putting users first and going beyond technological limitations​​

Professional and amateur skiers have long used the GPS tracker on their smartphone to record speeds and distances covered. However, a detailed evaluation of their ski performance was not possible using phone-generated data alone. The issue was therefore to design a minimalistic embedded tool capable of sending missing information about their skiing technique. The central piezoelectric component of the device not only collects ski-specific data but converts mechanical energy into electric power. This ensures energy autonomy. Extensive experimentation phases were conducted with skiers on more than 400 ski runs, including during the Ski World Championships, generating a considerable amount of precious data. This information is essential for training algorithms to interpret and classify the proficiency of skiers equipped with the Smart Ski Experience device.​

From an enriched experience to a circular economy approach to skiing​​

A skier’s profile can be determined in only five turns. Ski resort users who adopt the device will be able to create challenges among friends or with other skiers using the Lumiplan app, which includes the device. The wear data from skis collected by Rossignol is also a valuable asset for equipment renters. It allows them to identify the skis that require maintenance, which enables both Rossignol and renters to ensure better rotation of the ski fleet in resorts. Additionally, the information will enable rental businesses to give skiers customized advice on how to look after their skis. Extending their lifetime will reduce the waste generated by the sport. This will contribute to a circular economy approach in the resort. ​

For more than eight years, CEA-Leti has been working alongside Rossignol in its research projects.​

As early as 2015, the Rossignol group turned to CEA-Leti to conduct R&D on the evolution of market needs. Quantified self* was already well developed in the sports world. Introducing a disruptive innovation is a complex and risky process, even for companies as experienced as Rossignol. It therefore makes sense to collaborate with an institute for technological research with the necessary skills and resources to support the company in their approach. This partnership has been beneficial for both parties: for Rossignol, by offering a richer ski experience, while it was an opportunity for CEA-Leti to improve embedded data-gathering devices using artificial intelligence. ​

*Developed in the United States, quantified self is a practice that brings together tools, principles, and methods that enable people to measure, analyze, and share their own personal information.​


Jean-Philippe Gros, Nicolas Puget, Gaël Parent, Stéphanie Riché, Sophie Tran-Dinh, Xavier Roussin-Bouchard, Romain Bailly, Pierre Damien Berger, Maxime Gallardo, Jérome Boutet, Rossignol, Lumiplan, Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, Cluster Montagne


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