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MIRPHAB brings mid-infrared technology to industrial companies

​The MIRPHAB pilot line is a one-stop-shop for mid-infrared detection technologies. It is available to companies that would like to integrate state-of-the-art chemical sensors into their products.

Published on 7 December 2018

The MIRPHAB pilot line was developed under an EU project of the same name coordinated by Leti, a CEA Tech institute. The new line will make it easier for companies to access mid-infrared detection systems, used in a variety of industries to test for the presence of certain chemical substances in liquids and gases.


MIRPHAB is truly unique, bringing businesses a broad range of know-how from a variety of organizations plus a library of state-of-the-art components. MIRPHAB customers come away with spectroscopy-based chemical detection systems that meet their specific requirements. The solutions on offer combine laser sources, photonic circuits and photodetectors and analyzers (like photoacoustic detectors) in miniaturized systems integrated into standard packaging. They are also cost-effective to manufacture and energy efficient. The intended applications range from environmental monitoring and food quality control to rapid clinical diagnostics.


Leti, which is also helping to develop the next generations of photonic detectors in research conducted under the EU Redfinch project (lien), is contributing in-depth knowledge of miniaturization technologies and extensive experience with photonics, photonics-based detection, fluidics, optics, and electronics for MEMS development to the MIRPHAB pilot line.

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