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Smart home automation for comfort your way

Leti, a CEA Tech institute, has developed a smart thermostat for the French home automation market. Occupants can turn up the comfort while turning down their energy bills.

Published on 10 September 2015

In France, electric heat can account for nearly 45% of a home’s total energy consumption. In research conducted under the IRT Nanoelec program, Leti developed a circuit board that lets consumers adjust their heating usage depending on their needs and electric utility rates.

Electric radiators sold on the French market are equipped with a pilot wire used to switch between one of four existing settings: comfort, economy, off, and frost protection. French utility grid manager ERDF is also gradually rolling out a new communicating electricity meter. Leti factored in these special circumstances to develop a thermostat that would meet the unique needs of the French market.

The thermostat is controlled via a smartphone app, also developed by Leti. The prototype developed can store information like the home’s characteristics and occupant habits, comparing the data with utility rates provided in real time by the new communicating electricity meters to create a custom heating program. Consumers can also see how much energy they are using in real time via the app.

Ultimately, the circuit board could be used to run other home automation systems like lighting and roller shutters. Leti continues to pave the way for the next generation of smart home systems, integrating the latest innovations coming out of the institute into this new circuit board.

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