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Screen Semiconductor Solutions & Leti expand collaboration to cover laser annueal technology

KYOTO, Japan and GRENOBLE, France – Dec. 1st, 2016 – "SCREEN Semiconductor
Solutions Co., Ltd. (SCREEN) and Leti, a CEA Tech institute, today announced they have
stepped up their collaboration with the installation at Leti’s site of a nanosecond-scale UV laser
anneal LT-3100 system to be delivered by Laser Systems and Solutions of Europe (LASSE),
SCREEN’s subsidiary based in France"
Published on 1 December 2016

“The introduction of SCREEN’s nanosecond-scale UV laser anneal tool in Leti’s leading-edge,
pre-industrial equipment infrastructure will open new innovation opportunities for current and future
technology being developed on site,” said Leti CEO Marie Semeria. “With SOI, CoolCubeTM and
nanowire technologies development, we are facing increased challenges in developing new material
property and ultra-thin-film modification with minimal thermal impact. Leveraging the LT-3100 system
will enable solutions for technology breakthroughs that will eventually lead to the development of
practical demonstrators for industry.”

“Following a long history of successful joint developments with Leti, we are very excited by the
opportunity to bring our laser technology to Leti’s ecosystem to support ‘More than Moore’, IoT and
future innovation technology requirements,” said Tadahiro Suhara, president of SCREEN
Semiconductor Solutions. “In addition to the collaboration activities, we will use Leti’s state-of-the-art
infrastructure to operate our LASSE European demo lab, giving our customers unprecedented
demonstration infrastructure capability. We expect to showcase the innovation value that our
nanosecond-scale UV laser-equipment technology and resources bring to advance semiconductor
process development in multiple fields of research and development as supported by Leti.”

The Laser tool is expected to be fully operational in the first half of 2017 and will support multiple
wafer size requirements to meet the different needs of Leti’s laboratories.
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