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Publié le 24 avril 2019
RACK1 cooperates with NRASQ61K to promote melanoma in vivo.
Campagne C, Reyes-Gomez E, Picco ME, Loiodice S, Salaun P, Ezagal J, Bernex 2, Commere PH, Pons S, Esquerre D, Bourneuf E, Estelle J, Maskos U, Lopez-Bergami P, Aubin-Houzelstein G, Panthier JJ, Egidy G.
Rapid Discovery of De Novo Deleterious Mutations in Cattle Enhances the Value of Livestock as Model Species.
Bourneuf E, Otz P, Pausch H, Jagannathan V, Michot P, Grohs C, Piton G, Ammermüller S, Deloche MC, Fritz S, Leclerc H, Pechoux C, Boukadiri A, Hoze C, Saintilan R, Crechet F, Mosca M, Segelke D, Guillaume F, Bouet S, Baur A, Vasilescu A, Genestout L, Thomas A, Allais-Bonnet A, Rocha D, Colle MA, Klopp C, Esquerre D, Wurmser C, Flisikowski K, Schwarzenbacher H, Burgstaller J, Brügmann M, Dietschi E, Rudolph N, Freick M, Barbey S2 Fayolle G, Danchin-Burge C, Schibler L, Bed'Hom B, Hayes BJ, Daetwyler HD, Fries R, Boichard D, Pin D, Drögemüller C, Capitan A.
The MeLiM Minipig: An Original Spontaneous Model to Explore Cutaneous Melanoma Genetic Basis.
Bourneuf E.
Transcriptome of melanoma cells from two mouse models, Tyr:NRasQ61K and Tyr:Rack1-HA, Tyr:NRasQ61K.
Campagne C, Pons S, Esquerre D, Estelle J, Bourneuf E, Maskos U, Egidy G.
Impact of a CD4 gene haplotype on the immune response in minipigs.
Blanc F, Crechet F, Bruneau N, Piton G, Leplat JJ, Andreoletti F, Egidy G, Vincent-Naulleau S, Bourneuf E.
New susceptibility loci for cutaneous melanoma risk and progression revealed using a porcine model.
Bourneuf E, Estelle J, Blin A, Crechet F, Schneider MDP, Gilbert H, Brossard M, Vaysse A, Lathrop M, Vincent-Naulleau S, Demenais F.
High throughput toxicity screening and intracellular detection of nanomaterials.
Collins AR, Annangi B, Rubio L, Marcos R, Dorn M, Merker C, Estrela-Lopis I, Cimpan MR, Ibrahim M, Cimpan E, Ostermann M, Sauter A, Yamani NE, Shaposhnikov S, Chevillard S, Paget V, Grall R, Delic J, de-Cerio FG, Suarez-Merino B, Fessard V, Hogeveen KN, Fjellsbø LM, Pran ER, Brzicova T, Topinka J, Silva MJ, Leite PE, Ribeiro AR, Granjeiro JM, Grafström R, Prina-Mello A, Dusinska M.
Comparative analysis of micro-RNAs in human papillomavirus-positive versus -negative oropharyngeal cancers.
Mirghani H, Ugolin N, Ory C, Goislard M, Lefevre M, Baulande S, Hofman P, Guily JL, Chevillard S, Lacave R.
Forced extinction of CD24 stem-like breast cancer marker alone promotes radiation resistance through the control of oxidative stress.
Bensimon J, Biard D, Paget V, Goislard M, Morel-Altmeyer S, Konge J, Chevillard S, Lebeau J.
Human cell line-dependent WC-Co nanoparticle cytotoxicity and genotoxicity  a key role of ROS production
Paget V, Moche H, Kortulewski T, Grall R, Irbah L, Nesslany F, Chevillard S
A new phosphorylated form of Ku70 identified in resistant leukemic cells confers fast but unfaithful DNA repair in cancer cell lines.
Bouley J, Saad L, Grall R, Schellenbauer A, Biard D, Paget V, Morel-Altmeyer S, Guipaud O, Chambon C, Salles B, Maloum K, Merle-Beral H, Chevillard S, Delic J.
Impairing the radioresistance of cancer cells by hydrogenated nanodiamonds.
Grall R, Girard H, Saad L, Petit T, Gesset C, Combis-Schlumberger M, Paget V, Delic J, Arnault JC, Chevillard S.
Specific uptake and genotoxicity induced by polystyrene nanobeads with distinct surface chemistry on human lung epithelial cells and macrophages
Paget V, Dekali S, Kortulewski T, Grall R, Gamez C, Blazy K, Aguerre-Chariol O, Chevillard S, Braun A, Rat P, Lacroix G.
A predictive transcriptomic signature of oropharyngeal cancer according to HPV16 status exclusively
Mirghani H, Ugolin N, Ory C, Lefevre M, Baulande S, Hofman P, St Guily JL, Chevillard S, Lacave R
Peptide nucleic acid-nanodiamonds  covalent and stable conjugates for DNA targeting
Gaillard C, Girard HA, Falck C, Paget V, Simic V, Ugolin N, Bergonzo P, Chevillard S, Arnault JC
A predictive transcriptomic signature of oropharyngeal cancer according to HPV16 status exclusively.
Mirghani H, Ugolin N, Ory C, Lefevre M, Baulande S, Hofman P, St Guily JL, Chevillard S, Lacave R.
Carboxylated nanodiamonds are neither cytotoxic nor genotoxic on liver, kidney, intestine and lung human cell lines.
Paget V, Sergent JA, Grall R, Altmeyer-Morel S, Girard HA, Petit T, Gesset C, Mermoux M, Bergonzo P, Arnault JC, Chevillard S.
Quantitative proteomic determination of diethylstilbestrol action on prostate cancer
Bigot P, Mouzat K, Lebdai S, Bahut M, Benhabiles N, Tassin GC, Azzouzi AR, Cussenot O
CD24(-/low) stem-like breast cancer marker defines the radiation-resistant cells involved in memorization and transmission of radiation-induced genomic instability.
Bensimon J, Altmeyer-Morel S, Benjelloun H, Chevillard S, Lebeau J.
Comparison of transcriptomic signature of post-Chernobyl and postradiotherapy thyroid tumors.
Ory C, Ugolin N, Hofman P, Schlumberger M, Likhtarev IA, Chevillard S.
Aging and photo-aging DNA repair phenotype of skin cells-Evidence toward an effect of chronic sun-exposure
Prunier C, Masson-Genteuil G, Ugolin N, Sarrazy F, Sauvaigo S
Accumulation of cyclophilin A isoforms in conditioned medium of irradiated breast cancer cells
Chevalier F, Depagne J, Hem S, Chevillard S, Bensimon J, Bertrand P, Lebeau J
Novel partners in the angiogenic switch or how to wake up dormant tumor cells
Bensimon J
Toxicity and genotoxicity of nano-SiO2 on human epithelial intestinal HT-29 cell line.
Sergent JA, Paget V, Chevillard S.
Concomitant telomere shortening, acquisition of multiple chromosomal aberrations and in vitro resistance to apoptosis in a single case of progressive CLL
Brugat T, Nguyen-Khac F, Merle-Beral H, Delic J
A transcriptome signature distinguished sporadic from postradiotherapy radiation-induced sarcomas.
Hadj-Hamou NS, Ugolin N, Ory C, Britzen-Laurent N, Sastre-Garau X, Chevillard S, Malfoy B.
Discriminating gene expression signature of radiation-induced thyroid tumors after either external exposure or internal contamination.
Ory C, Ugolin N, Schlumberger M, Hofman P, Chevillard S.
Gene expression signature discriminates sporadic from post-radiotherapy-induced thyroid tumors.
Ory C, Ugolin N, Levalois C, Lacroix L, Caillou B, Bidart JM, Schlumberger M, Diallo I, de Vathaire F, Hofman P, Santini J, Malfoy B, Chevillard S.
Strategy to find molecular signatures in a small series of rare cancers: validation for radiation-induced breast and thyroid tumors.
Ugolin N, Ory C, Lefevre E, Benhabiles N, Hofman P, Schlumberger M, Chevillard S.
Thyroid cancer following exposure to ionising radiation.
Schlumberger M, Chevillard S, Ory K, Dupuy C, Le Guen B, de Vathaire F.
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