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A culture of industrial cooperation

Published on 3 January 2022
​Generally in CEA, but even more the Institute of life sciences Frédéric Joliot, researchers have a true culture of valuing their research project. This is manifested by filing patents on original targets, new molecules or pharmacological action on copyrightable skills. It is also reflected in the ongoing search for industrial partnerships and, for some researchers, it is moving towards the creation of start-ups.

Henri Benech

Industrial affairs, linking research
teams and industrialists.
+33 (0)1 69 08 72 98

Emmanuel Cousin

Contracts: negotiation, valuation.
Support in business creation projects and patents filing.
+33 (0)1 69 08 62 95
Licensing of our patents and know-how

When projects have reached a sufficient level of development to be transferred to an industrial partner, our role is to identify the right partner, present the project and the team, and then accompany the transfer of technology (contracting, monitoring milestones, balance sheet ...).

If you are an industrialist looking for specific patents and / or know-how in the fields of chemistry, biology or pharmacology, contact-us.   

Collaborations and provision of research with industry

Many researchers, engineers and technicians of the Institute, have a long experience of collaborations with leading pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology and diagnostics industrials. This experience is reflected in the number of industrial laboratories working with our teams and also by the desire to offer a recognized unit. In this regard, the Pharmacology and Immunoanalysis Unit is ISO9001 certified.

Of course, industrial partnerships vary from one partner to another.
In general, they can take the form of a development partnership associated with a transfer of technology, an R & D collaboration with a license option on Industrial Property or, more upstream, via a thesis contract CIFRE. We invite you to contact us to set-up a collaborative project..

Currently, several development projects are carried out within our institute in the fields of pharmaceuticals or diagnostic tests, jointly with an industrialist or an investor (private or public).

The teams of the Frédéric Joliot institute possessing a know-how and / or a certified platform, can also carry out various studies via service contracts. We already have a strong experience and a recognized expertise in the fields presented in the image.

Hosting partnerships or joint laboratory

Some collaborations are realized through hosting in our institute premises, in companies or academic research units.
For example, within the Pharmacology and Immunoanalysis Unit, three teams of partner companies are hosted for R&D collaboration.

  •  A team of the biopharmaceutical company Oncodesign (ex Bertin Pharma, ex start-up from the Institute)
    conducts studies commissioned by industrial customers in the bioanalysis and pharmacology fields, with the support of team unit. Thanks to the joint contribution of teams, the entity is recognized as Good Laboratory Practices.

  • Medday company carry out research by mass spectrometry for biomarkers of brain and metabolic pathologies. Its mass spectrometry team collaborates with our teams and is housed in our premises.
  • Also at the Pharmacology and Immunoanalysis Unit, the young company H-IMMUNE, created at the end of 2016, develops fully human antibodies with oncology applications.

  • A team of the company Cortecnet, hosted by the Molecular engineering of proteins Unit, conducts molecular marking work in collaboration with our teams of chemists.

  • Recently, the creation of a joint laboratory (the LabCom ARCHIPEX created in November 2014) formalized a long collaboration between the team of the institute headed by Maïté Paternostre and the pharmaceutical laboratory IPSEN. The aim of this joint laboratory is to develop new self-assembled pharmaceutical forms allowing sustained release of peptide drugs.

Creating business

The Institute Frédéric Joliot has a culture of business creation mainly in chemistry and pharmacology. Former doctoral candidates have thus created SYNDIVIA, specialized in the bio-conjugation of antibodies with anticancer molecules. Other researchers are involved in the creation of start-ups, such as H-IMMUNE, while continuing their scientific activity and thus entrusting the start-up assembly to an external bearer.

If you are willing to set up a company in the fields of biology / chemistry / pharmacology, we suggest you to contact us to evaluate our opportunities together.


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