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MetaboHUB is a National Infrastructure in Biology and Health in metabolomics and fluxomics, which develops and provides high-profile  technological tools and services to the academic and industrial community in the fields of health, nutrition, agriculture, the environment and biotechnology.

Published on 28 November 2017

Its missions

Coordinate the development of advanced methods in metabolomics and fluxomics to meet the technological challenges encountered in health, nutrition, agriculture, environment and biotechnology.
  • Propose these methods to the community
  • Provide training to the community


Coordinated by Dominique Rolin (INRA, Bordeaux), MetaboHUB is organized around 4 platforms located in Bordeaux (plant biology and biotechnology), Clermont-Ferrand (nutrition, health and environment), Toulouse (microbiology, biotechnology and toxicology) and Paris-Saclay (health and clinical microbiology).

The Frédéric Joliot Institute for Life Sciences et MetaboHUB

MetaboHUB's Paris-Saclay platform is coordinated by Christophe Junot, member of our institute. Researchers of SPI/LEMM develop methods of metabolomic, lipidomic and glycomic analysis by mass spectrometry. Their range of mass spectrometers is part of the platform Métabolome IDF (certified IBiSA), which is integrated in MetaboHUB.


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