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Cognitive Neuroimaging Unit



Published on 30 April 2020


Team Leader
Stanislas DEHAENE
01 69 08 57 94
Neuroimaging of cognitive functions 
(Stanislas DEHAENE)
Language Neuroimaging (Christophe PALLIER)
Development Neuroimaging
Cerebral Dynamics (Virginie VAN VASSENHOVE)
Neuro-modulation (Béchir JARRAYA)
UNICOG is also composed of three operational cells that are part of the NeuroSpin platforms:


INSERM-CEA Cognitive Neuroimaging Unit​ (Unicog) is directed by Stanislas Dehaene. They inverstigate high-level Human cognitive functions using experimental psychology, neuropsychology and functional neuroimaging approaches (functional magnetic resonance imaging, fMRI; magneto- and electro-encephalography, M/EEG).

Magnetic resonance imaging
© P.Stroppa/CEA
© ​P.Stroppa/CEA

Main lines of research

  • ​​Consciouness, Number Processing, Reading
  • Development
  • Language
  • Dyspraxia
  • NeuroSpin MEG, chronoarchitecture, temporal cognition, supramodal processing
  • Brain and Genetics


© Cognitive Neuroimaging Unit​



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