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Accurate, Reliable and Optimized functional MAgnetic resonance imaging at unprecedented field strength for unique exploration of the human brain


The AROMA project consists in developing the methodology necessary to exploit the full potential of a unique MRI scanner, the future 11.7 Teslas MRI, designed by the CEA and currently being installed at NeuroSpin.

H2020 funding : ria (Research and Innovation Actions)

Call H2020-FETOPEN-2018-2019-2020-01

Published on 16 September 2020


The AROMA project will provide the means for non-invasive in vivo exploration of the cognitive functions of the human brain at the mesoscopic scale using disruptive MRI technologies and an unprecedented field intensity: 11.7 Tesla on the magnet of the Iseult project at NeuroSpin. Several ambitious objectives are envisaged: maximizing the signal through advanced sequence developments, innovative coil designs, paradigm-shifting RF pulse designs; exploiting emerging field sensor technology to minimize motion-induced noise and subject physiology to achieve targeted functional detection sensitivity; testing and validating scientific advances in healthy adult volunteers to validate the quality of anatomical acquisitions as well as the reliable detection of neuronal activations.

AROMA is a multidisciplinary project involving 6 partners from the EU (with young researchers and first-time FET participants), 5 countries covering the academic and industrial world.  The medical sector will be concerned by the results of the AROMA project, with consequences in computational psychiatry, in the deciphering of the coding of words and mathematical objects. The arsenal of techniques deployed in the project will constitute a paradigm shift with a unified solution, and with commercial opportunities and benefits for the MRI industry in general.

Project duration

5 years

3 601 526.25 €

​Number of partners


Starting date

January 01, 2021

Coordinator : CEA

Joliot Institute Contact: Nicolas Boulant, coordinator:



H2020 agreement id : 885876


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