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Innovative Medicines Initiative

Involvement of the Institute of life sciences Frédéric Joliot in EU programmes.

Published on 8 June 2020

AIMS-2-TRIAL was launched to continue and expand some of the work pioneered in EU-AIMS (2014-2018). 
Press release

Creating the first European clinical trials network for autism, AIMS-2-TRIALS aims to improve outcomes for people with ASD (precision medicine). To do this it will create a pipeline for developing, testing and implementing new treatments for ASD with stakeholder involvement at each stage. The project will set up a global clinical trial network for ASD to validate biological markers and endpoints to reliably show whether or not a treatment is effective and appropriate for ASD. Within this precision medicine project coordinated by the King’s College, CEA’s team will perform genetic imaging studies.




The consortium PEVIA aims to develop a new generation of vaccines against multiple strains of Ebola virus, easily produced and deployed in endemic areas. This will improve the effectiveness of the vaccine against various strains of a mutant virus to provide lasting protection against multiple exposures to the Ebola virus. In addition, our vaccine will not require low temperature storage (+4 to +8 ° C), overcoming stability and storage issues in endemic areas, and enabling rapid deployment in the field.


The Institute Frédéric Joliot also coordinates a work package within the project ABIRISK (Innovative Medicine Initiative, IMI) prediction and analysis of the immunogenicity of biopharmaceuticals (proteins and therapeutic antibodies).

L’objectif de EU-AIMS est de générer des outils qui amélioreront notre compréhension des troubles du spectre autistique, et conduiront au développement de traitements innovants, sûrs et efficaces pour les enfants et les adultes.