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NeuroSpin Conference

Analyzing individual brains: The Individual Brain Charting project

From 1/11/2021 to 1/11/2021

Bertrand Thirion (PARIETAL - Inria/CEA/Université Paris-Saclay) will give a talk at NeuroSpin on January 11th.

Short abstract:

fMRI has opened the possibility to investigate how brain activity is modulated by behavior. Most studies so far are bound to one single task, in which functional responses to a handful of contrasts are analyzed and reported as a group average brain map. By contrast, recent data-collection efforts have started to target a systematic spatial representation of multiple mental functions. 
In this presentation, we leverage the Individual Brain Charting (IBC) high-resolution task-fMRI dataset acquired in a fixed environment, in order to study the feasibility of individual mapping.  We discuss the definition of brain regions given their functional activity, called functional fingerprint. We confirm that the elementary spatial components, inferred across all tasks, are consistently mapped within and, to a lesser extent, across participants. We then demonstrate the relevance of the topographic information of the individual contrast maps, showing that contrasts from one task can be predicted by contrasts from other tasks. 
Finally, we delineate the cognitive profile of functional territories pertaining to the language network and prove that these profiles generalize across participants.

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