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Reinforcement learning biases that make us smart

From 6/19/2023 to 6/19/2023

​​​​​​Stefano PALMINTERI (ENS, Laboratoire de Neurosciences cognitives) will give a talk on Monday 19, June.

Short abstract:

In this talk, I will review research performed by my and other laboratories that highlights the existence of reinforcement learning biases. I will first start by briefly introducing the reinfor​​cement learning framework and proposing a taxonomy of biases within the framework itself. Then I will review direct empirical evidence supporting the existence of two learning biases: positivity bias and confirmation bias at the behavioral, neural, and clinical levels. Finally, I will present unpublished results of simulation studies that try to answer the question: what are these reinforcement learning biases good for?


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VideoReinforcement learning biases that make you smart (and happy)

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