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38 million euros secured for EBRAINS

On 09 January, the European research infrastructure EBRAINS announced that the European Commission had awarded €38 million to its EBRAINS 2.0 project, which will enable it to continue developing and making available its digital technologies for neuroscience research and brain medicine. This success directly concerns our Institute and its computational neuroscience teams.

Published on 11 January 2024

As part of its INFRASERV[1] call for projects, the European Commission has awarded the EBRAINS research infrastructure €38 million in funding until 2026. Over the next three years, the infrastructure will continue to develop tools and services to broadly serve the neuroscience, brain medicine and brain-inspired technology research communities.

Specifically, the new project aims to set a new standard for brain atlases, link fundamental data at multiple levels and advance digital twin approaches through modelling and simulation.​​

The Frédéric-Joliot Institute's computational neuroscience teams, all in its NeuroSpin department, are directly involved in creating computational tools and models (of disease, for example) to facilitate research into brain organisation, pathological mechanisms and biomarkers. They are working in collaboration with the 59 other partner institutions in the project, in particular the teams from the Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine at the Forschungszentrum in Jülich (Germany).​

[1] Research infrastructure services to support health research, accelerate green and digital transformation, and overcome the frontiers of knowledge:

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