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CO2 and copper to radiolabel pharmaceutical compounds

​Researchers from the SCBM (Joliot Institute) and the IRAMIS (CEA/CNRS) have develop a 14C labeling method for therapeutic molecules based on dynamic carbone dioxide exchange. This one step method generates far less radioactive waste. By facilitating some preclinical and clinical steps, it should eventually help to speed up the marketing applications of some new drug discoveries. Study has been published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society

Published on 11 January 2019

​Abstract of the paper published in JACS:

A copper-catalyzed procedure enabling dynamic carbon isotope exchange is described. Utilizing the universal precursor [14C]CO2, this protocol allows to insert, in one single step, the desired carbon tag into carboxylic acids with no need of structural modifications. Reducing synthetic costs and limiting the generation of radioactive waste, this procedure will facilitate the access to carboxylic acids containing drugs and accelerate early 14C-based ADME studies supporting drug development.

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