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Laboratory | Mass spectrometry

Small Molecules Analysis by Mass Spectrometry


SMArt-MS is a platform dedicated to the absolute quantification of small molecules, drugs, metabolites and biomarkers in biological fluids.

Published on 28 November 2017

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Permanent staff
Aurélie Ghettas-Messager, Technician
Frédéric  Théodoro, Technician

This platform is implanted in the Pharmacology and Immunoanalysis unit (SPI); it comprises 5 liquid chromatography instruments together with mass spectrometers triple quadrupole analyzers (UPLC-MS/MS). SMArt-MS can access if needed to the high-resolution instruments of MetaboHUB platform. Human resources of the platform are composed of a CEA engineer, two CEA technicians and non-statutory personnel.​

Our missions are:

  • Development and validation of quantitative bioanalysis methods by LC-MS/MS of small molecules in biological fluids and achievement of the analyzes using these methods
  • The realization of metabolism and pharmacokinetic pilot studies (early ADME-DMPK)
  • The training of contractual staff using the devices assigned to the platform.​
Photos: A.Pruvost

SMArt-MS performs these activities for the Laboratory of Drug Metabolism Research (SPI), other CEA laboratories, LabEx LERMIT which SPI is part and external partners.

SMArt-MS present partners​: