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Research groups

Biomedical physics

Team Leader: Sébastien Jan

Published on 28 November 2017

The “Biomedical Physics” group includes physicists and engineers who develop methods for image modeling, reconstruction and quantification, in particular in PET in association with other modalities (CT, MRI, US), to derive the most  and precise parameters characterizing diseases. Part of their work is highly based on sophisticated numerical simulations, including the numerical investigation of possible new imaging approaches.


Team Leader: Sébastien Jan, CEA

Claire Barakat-Pellot, CR Inserm
Irène Buvat, DR CNRS
Claude Comtat, IC CEA
Frédérique Frouin, CR Inserm
Fabien Rastello, IC CEA
Simon Stute, IC CEA
Vincent Brulon, Tech CEA
Yoann Fontyn, Tech CEA
Lionel Kallou, Tech CEA
Maya Khalife, Post-Doc Idex
Mehdi Rahim, Post-Doc CEA
Jared Strydhorst, Post-Doc CEA
Olga Kochebina, Post-Doc CEA
Sarah Boughdad, Doct. UPSud
Fanny Orlhac, Doct. UPSud
Hélène Urien, Doct. UP5
Jinlong Yue, Doct. UPSud