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Aeronautics and Space

Published on 14 April 2016


  • Aircraft builders and parts manufacturers
  • Airlines
  • Certification organizations
  • Airport and other infrastructure managers
  • Logistics companies

The aeronautics industry is under pressure to reduce its environmental footprint while continuing to meet the most stringent safety requirements. And safety standards are getting tougher, creating new certifications that aircraft builders and parts manufacturers must obtain to get their products approved.

CEA Tech is helping aeronautics- and space-industry companies rise to these challenges by developing real-time diagnostics technologies from embedded sensors to structural health monitoring systems, rounded out by extensive know-how in software security.

CEA Tech is also making advances for more energy-efficient on-board systems and more fuel-efficient combustion in aircraft engines. Specifically, CEA Tech’s materials R&D is helping make aircraft structures and assemblies lighter in weight. 

Aeronautics-industry leaders like Safran and Airbus turn to CEA Tech for their R&D needs.