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Leti Memory Workshop 2017 Presentations

Published on 17 July 2017

Thank you for attending Leti Memory Workshop 2017!

To download our presentations, please click below:

  SESSION 1.  NVM vision: emerging technologies, challenges, evolution and revolution
Chairman : Luca Perniola (Leti)

  • Embedded Non-Volatile Memory Evolution and Revolution
    Paolo Cappelletti, STMicroelectronics

  • Emerging Embedded Memory : from Lab to Fab
    David Eggleston, GlobalFoundries

  • Material and Process Challenges in Changing Memory Landscape
    Er-Xuan Ping, Applied Materials


SESSION 2.  Phase-Change and Magnetic Memory for embedded applications
Chairman : Etienne Nowak (Leti)

  • An insight into the high temperature reliability of N-doped and Ge-rich GeSbTe Phase Change Memory
    Gabriele Navarro, Leti


  • Development of STT-MRAM for embedded applications
    Po-Kang Wang, Headway Technologies - TDK


  • Data retention extraction methodology for perpendicular STT-MRAM
    Luc Tillie, Leti


 SESSION 3.  Bringing new technologies in everyday life: where new ideas meet market opportunities
Chairman : Gabriele Navarro (Leti)

  • Emerging Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) Technologies & Markets
    Yann de Charentenay, Yole Développement


  • Weebit nano SiOx ReRAM Technology
    Amir Regev, Weebit Nano


  • Ferroelectric FET – The ideal memory for the age of IoT
    Stefan Müller, Ferroelectric Memory Company

 SESSION 4.  Bringing new concepts in everyday life: how embedded memories mimic
brain behaviour
Chairman : Eric Jalaguier (Leti)

  • The ups and downs of Hebbian plasticity in associative learning
    Benjamin Grewe, ETH  Zurich


  • Using OxRAM arrays to mimic bio-inspired short and long term synaptic plasticity
    Thilo Werner, Leti


We are looking forward to seeing you again next year at our Leti Memory Workshop