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Launched in late 2014, eLichens develops miniature air quality sensors and services for the consumer and commercial markets.

Published on 15 April 2016


eLichens sensors are miniaturized, connected, powerful, and ultra-energy-efficient, making them ideal for hyper-local air quality monitoring in residential and commercial buildings.


eLichens worked with Leti to develop a particularly innovative NDIR (nondispersive infrared detector) CO2 and CH4 sensor that is six times smaller than its direct competitors, uses ten times less energy, and is drift-proof throughout the product lifetime. The sensors, when used with eLichens' data fusion and analysis software, form a complete and connected air quality monitoring solution that can be implemented at a variety of scales, from workshops and factories to neighborhoods and entire cities.


eLichens sells its products to systems integrators on the industrial security, HVAC, smart city, home automation, gas leak detection, and automotive cabin air quality monitoring markets.


The company has a portfolio of 30 patents and a joint lab with Leti, where it conducts research and development to maintain—and lengthen—its technological lead.

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