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 Leti @CES2018

Published on 12 January 2018

Leti @CES2018 For The Third Consecutive Year 

For the third consecutive year, Leti will introduce its latest innovations and start-ups at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, from January 9 to 12, 2018. This year, the institute will exhibit at CEA Tech Village booth, its parent organization at booth 50653, Eureka Park. 

  •  Live From CES 2018:

  • ​Leti Demos @CES 2018:


The First 3D anti-crash solution embedded in a drone

Tired of crashing your expensive drones?

Guide our drone in an ultra-narrow tunnel to experience the first 3D anti-crash solution embedded in a drone at  CEA Tech Village Booth 50653 in Eureka Park.

Will it crash?

This drone embeds 360FUSION, the first obstacle-avoidance algorithm in a dynamic environment based on cutting-edge laser sensor technology. Ultra-compact and miniaturized, Leti's solution is in average 10x cheaper than comparable systems and weighs less than 40g. And last but not least, it integrates existing drone technologies and other industry production lines.   


​                                     APNEAband

Ever wondered if you are suffering from Sleep apnea?

Ever wondered if you are suffering from Sleep apnea?

Most often undiagnosed, people suffering from sleep apnea are more at risk for serious health issues such as diabetes or heart diseases.

APNEAband is the first tracking device worn on the wrist, ensuring accurate real-time detection of sleep-apnea events. Say goodbye to in-lab overnight tests with multiple sensors attached to the body.

The wristband measures the heart rate, variation in the time interval between heartbeats, oxygen saturation levels in the blood and stress levels. This technology can also deliver cardiac-coherence biofeedback, to help anyone looking to achieve total relaxation with simple breathing exercises.

Try this cardiac-coherence biofeedback demo and discover the tech behind ApneaBand at CEA Tech Village booth, #50653.

 Learn more about the other demos at CEA Tech Village booth


  • Leti stands behind its high-tech startups:

Moovlab Interactive athletic training circuits for fitness 2.0

MOOVELAB, a Leti spin off, is back for the second consecutive year at CES with its connected fitness-platform. Bring your towel and water bottle! You will experience their latest circuit workout at CEA Tech Village booth, #50653.

Diabeloop- Artificial pancreas for type -1 diabetics

Diabeloop's connected artificial pancreas will improve blood-sugar regulation and enhance quality of life for type-1 diabetics. The technology brings a major change for type- 1 diabetics who, until now, had to test their blood sugar themselves many times throughout the day.

Get more info on Diabeloop solution for diabetics at Booth #51303.

Aryball TechUsing biochemical sensors to detect tastes and smells

Aryballe Technologies uses a combination of biosensors, databases, and signal processing to develop multi-purpose electronic noses for both commercial and consumer applications. The startup has identified more than 50 applications for its technology, including olfactory tests in the food and cosmetics industries, environmental monitoring, the detection of undesirable or dangerous household smells, and medical diagnostics.

 Discover Aryball's flair at Booth #50722.

eLichens - Air quality monitoring sensors and services

eLichens sensors are miniaturized, connected, powerful, and ultra-energy-efficient, making them ideal for hyper-local air quality monitoring in residential and commercial buildings. eLichens sells its products to systems integrators on the industrial security, HVAC, smart city, home automation, gas leak detection, and automotive cabin air quality monitoring markets.

Learn more about eLichens at Booth #52134

Kalray - Programmable manycore processors

Kalray developed a new generation of programmable processors. Leveraging a massively parallel architecture supporting several hundred cores, their low-cost processors deliver power, energy efficiency, fast programming. Kalray technology fits in real-time video encoding, CCTV image analysis, 3D and augmented reality, signal processing for the defense sector, and command and control systems.

Join Kalray at CES 2018, LVCC, North Hall #9528

Learn more about other start-ups at the CEA Tech Village stand.