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Iseult project: the MRI magnet has just reached a magnetic field of 9.51T

The magnet of the future MRI at 11.7 teslas of the Iseult project at NeuroSpin (CEA Paris-Saclay) reached a magnetic field of 9.51 teslas during tests carried out on Wednesday 22 May. This new level is a record since the magnet has become on this occasion the most powerful MRI magnet in the world for imaging in humans with a stored energy of 221 MJ. This successful outcome is the result of the work of the Iseult project’s team from the CEA.
Published on 24 May 2019

The magnet reached 9.51T using the nominal loading mode and keeping the settings already used during the last rise to 8.3T. A bearing was made at 7T for new magnetic measurements and field stability measurements, before going up to 9.51T for 30 minutes, and then back down the current in controlled mode, through the power supply.
With this new stage, the magnet exceeds in magnetic field the most powerful MRI magnets in use in Europe (in the Netherlands and in Germany).
With its 900 mm aperture, this magnet is now also the worldwide most powerful imaging MRI magnet, with an energy stored at 9.51T of 221 MJ (66% of the energy that will be reached at the nominal field).
As a comparison, the MRI magnet in Minneapolis (US) currently in use is at 10.5T, but with a smaller aperture of 680mm, and the two competing projects at 11.75T under installation in the United States and Korea have only an opening of 680 mm with a stored energy of 190MJ.
The tests of the magnet will leave room for fit-out works in the arch where is hosted the MRI to allow to resume in July the rise to 11.75T.
In parallel, the CEA's research engineers will analyze the numerous data collected over the last few months, and continue testing for potential defects in the cryogenic installation, control-command systems, electrical equipment and all the instrumentation.

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