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A server to predict the structure of protein complexes, based on coevolution data

A team from I2BC@Saclay (SB2SM), in collaboration with the RPBS platform (Parisian Ressource in Structural Bioinformatics, Paris Diderot University), has put online a server for structural prediction of interactions between proteins. This server, designed for biologists, uses the information provided by the coevolution of protein sequences and predicts the structure of protein complexes, essential information for understanding their functional role.

Published on 7 June 2018


Computational protein docking is a powerful strategy to predict structures of protein-protein interactions and provides crucial insights for the functional characterization of macromolecular cross-talks. We previously developed InterEvDock, a server for ab initio protein docking based on rigid-body sampling followed by consensus scoring using physics-based and statistical potentials, including the InterEvScore function specifically developed to incorporate co-evolutionary information in docking. InterEvDock2 is a major evolution of InterEvDock which allows users to submit input sequences – not only structures – and multimeric inputs and to specify constraints for the pairwise docking process based on previous knowledge about the interaction. For this purpose, we added modules in InterEvDock2 for automatic template search and comparative modeling of the input proteins. The InterEvDock2 pipeline was benchmarked on 812 complexes for which unbound homology models of the two partners and co-evolutionary information are available in the PPI4DOCK database. InterEvDock2 identified a correct model among the top 10 consensus in 29% of these cases (compared to 15–24% for individual scoring functions) and at least one correct interface residue among 10 predicted in 91% of these cases. InterEvDock2 is thus a unique protein docking server, designed to be useful for the experimental biology community. The InterEvDock2 web interface is available at

Read the French version.

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