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Published on 3 December 2020

I2BC@Saclay Department of ​the Frédéric Joliot Institute for Life Sciences permanently receives and prepares approximately 120 doctoral students., directed by Thierry Meinnel, carries out research in Integrative Biology of the Cell around four thematic axes :

  • Maintenance, expression et evolution of genomes,
  • Cell compartimentation  transport,
  • Stress and adaptation, differentiation,
  • Metabolism and bioenergy.

I2BC@Saclay Department is divided in two units : Integrative Biology and Molecular Genetics Unit (SBIGeM) and Bioenergetics, Structural Biology and Mechanisms Unit (SB2SM).

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Its Research Teams are all members of the Institute of Integrative Biology of the Cell (I2BC), a Joint research unit (UMR 9198), whose tutors are CEA, CNRS and Paris Sud University. Currently located on the site of Saclay, they will join all the staff of the I2BC in 2019 in a new building, on the CNRS campus of Gif-sur-Yvette.

To carry out their activities, researchers of I2BC@Saclay Department have access to research platforms certified IBiSA within ​the Frédéric Joliot Institute for Life Sciences:

  • PARi : RNA interference platform,
  • Biophysics : heavy optical and magnetic spectroscopies platform. This platform is part of the National Infrastructure in Biology and Health (INBS) FRISBI (Structural Integrated Biology), financed by the Programme of Investments for the Future (PIA)

Moreover, Research Teams have also access to the other I2BC platforms.