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The T4G display tool

Publié le 29 novembre 2018

T4G is a 2D interactive tool for the display geometries. It relies upon the same geometry module as TRIPOLI-4, either native or ROOT, and therefore displays exactly the geometry that TRIPOLI4 uses for tracking.

Featuring interactive zoom, rotation, 3D displacement before 2D cut, display of materials as well as display of names or numbers of volumes and surfaces, T4G is a very useful tool to check and get deeper understanding of geometries.

T4G may also superimpose on these 2D views mesh tallies, collision sites, or iso-importance curves. In this respect, T4G greatly helps in the analysis of simulation results.


TRIPOLI-4® calculated axial gamma dose rate map (Sv/s/source photon) and T4G generated isodose rate curves around the homogeneous 17 x 17 PWR fuel assembly. Grid: 100 cm.