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CES 2019 : CEA Tech to exhibit at CES Las Vegas on January 8–11

Solutions empowering the energy transition

MULTI ENERGY STATION: An energy architect for tomorrow’s energy systems.
Precision battery management and maintenance.

Published on 15 January 2019


An energy architect for tomorrow’s energy systems

Energy systems will play a key role in overcoming the challenges of the energy transition by balancing energy supply and demand at the local level. Dimensioning and managing energy systems is a complex blend of technology, economics, and customer satisfaction. Effective management necessarily takes all of these issues into account.

Liten, a CEA Tech institute, has built on optimized energy storage solutions combining batteries and hydrogen to develop effi cient, environmentally-friendly mobility services designed to boost local consumption of locally-produced solar energy, enabling the area served to be virtually independent from the grid.

  • Target markets:

• Energy
• Mobility
• Construction industry


Precision battery management and maintenance

Charging Li-ion batteries so that they last as long as possible is a challenge for the operators of fleets of battery-powered equipment. PowerUp, a startup founded in 2017, has developed a new smart charging
system that solves this problem. Managing battery performance is a new and major challenge. It is currently impossible to know how long a battery will actually last. This is because battery manufacturers’ data is based on standard testing—not real-world use. Lithium-ion batteries do have battery management systems, but these systems do not offer accurate charging status and battery health data, making it impossible to optimize battery lifespans.

PowerUp is a startup that aims to maintain batteries’ factory performance over time using a charge-optimizing algorithm and battery status supervision software. The solution will give fleet managers the possibility of actually seeing the status of their batteries in real time.

  • Target markets:

• Special equipment -Forklifts
• Energy
• Portable power tools
• Environmentally friendly mobility
• Telecoms