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CES 2019 : CEA Tech to exhibit at CES Las Vegas on January 8–11

CEA Tech startups at CES 2019

CEA has been actively supporting business creation for more than two decades. In fact, startups are one of the major ways CEA brings its technologies and know-how from lab to market. 

Published on 15 January 2019

​Startups are the right choice for disruptive, high-risk technologies in emerging fields. Since 2005, CEA has spun off more than 204 high-tech startups, with more than 75% positioned on deep tech applications. And, the number of CEA startups is growing year after year, earning the organization a strong reputation for its aggressive startup strategy.

The 3 start-ups to exhibit at CEA Tech Village

  • Connecting Food

Blockchain for a transparent food industry

Connecting Food is a blockchain-based solution to ensure the traceability of food manufacturing supply chains through real-time audits to verify that each product manufactured meets its target requirements (origin, organic, pesticide-free, etc.). The consumer can see the audit results at any time, simply by scanning the product. Connecting Food builds and protects brand equity for its clients (brands, cooperatives, foodservice
companies) through verifiable transparency. Blockchain technology makes data permanent and unalterable; nevertheless, to certify that the data is correct, Connecting Food relied on List’s solid expertise to build the first solution able to audit each product requirement in real time.
See the Connecting Food solution

Target markets

• Food Industry


Comprehensive and personalized system for autonomous t1d management

Diabeloop is a French independent company developing disruptive technological innovations to automate the treatment of Type one diabetes.

 Its first product, the DBLG1 System, is an integrated system that allows glycemic control in an automatic and highly efficient way. The core of this innovation is an Artificial Intelligence hosted on a terminal that connects via bluetooth with a continuous glucose meter (CGM) and an insulin pump.

 The algorithm makes and executes the many therapeutic decisions that the patients currently have to handle by themselves. Patients are only expected to log meals and physical activities.
See the Diabeloop solution

Target markets

• E-healthcare
• Medical devices
• Therapeutic innovation
• Artificial intelligence



Precision battery management and maintenance

Charging Li-ion batteries so that they last as long as possible is a challenge for the operators of fleets of battery-powered equipment.

PowerUp, a startup founded in 2017, has developed a new smart charging system that solves this problem. Managing battery performance is a new and major challenge. It is currently impossible to know how long a battery will actually last. This is because battery manufacturers’ data is based on standard testing—not real-world use. Lithium-ion batteries do have battery management systems, but these systems do not offer accurate charging status and battery health data, making it impossible to optimize battery lifespans.

PowerUp is a startup that aims to maintain batteries’ factory performance over time using a charge-optimizing algorithm and battery status supervision software. The solution will give fleet managers the possibility of actually seeing the status of their batteries in real time.

Target markets

• Railway
• Special equipment - Forklifts
• Energy
• Portable power tools
• Environmentally friendly mobility
• Telecoms


And elsewhere on Eureka Park

Aryballe technologies

Aryballe Technologies uses a combination of biosensors, databases, and signal processing to develop multi-purpose electronic noses for both commercial and consumer applications.

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Ethera provides in situ indoor air purification and monitoring systems that offer greater sensitivity and selectivity at costs lower than competing systems.
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Sport quantum

Sport Quantum's electronic shooting targets give shooters their results in real time. Results can also be analyzed, archived, and shared.
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Kalray has developed a new generation of programmable processors. Thanks to a massively parallel architecture supporting several hundred cores, the processors deliver power, energy efficiency, fast programming, and low cost.
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