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LGAG Publications

Published on 12 July 2018
Spermatogonial Stem Cell Quest  nanos2, Marker of a Subpopulation of Undifferentiated A Spermatogonia in Trout Testis
Bellaiche J, Lareyre JJ, Cauty C, Yano A, Allemand I, Le Gac F
Cell therapy against male infertility
Fouchet P
Stem Cell Therapy for Male Infertility Takes a Step Forward
Firlej V, Barraud-Lange V, Fouchet P
Impaired functionality and homing of Fancg-deficient hematopoietic stem cells
Barroca V, Mouthon M A, Lewandowski D, de la Grange P B, Gauthier L R, Pflumio F, Boussin F D, Arwert F, Riou L, Allemand I, Romeo P H, Fouchet P
In vivo cellular imaging pinpoints the role of reactive oxygen species in the early steps of adult hematopoietic reconstitution
Lewandowski D, Barroca V, Duconge F, Bayer J, Van Nhieu J T, Pestourie C, Fouchet P, Tavitian B, Romeo P H
TGF beta signaling in male germ cells regulates gonocyte quiescence and fertility in mice
Moreno S G, Attali M, Allemand I, Messiaen S, Fouchet P, Coffigny H, Romeo P H, Habert R
Early Expression of the Androgen Receptor in the Sertoli Cells of a Marsupial Coincides with Downregulation of Anti-Mullerian Hormone at the Time of Urogenital Virilization
Racine C, Pask A J, Wijayanti G E, Di Clemente N, Picard J Y, Shaw G, Renfree M B, Josso N
Lamin A/C, Caspase-6, and Chromatin Configuration During Meiosis Resumption in the Mouse Oocyte
Arnault E, Doussau M, Pesty A, Lefevre B, Courtot A M
Whole-body or isolated ovary Co-60 irradiation  Effects on in vivo and in vitro folliculogenesis and oocyte maturation
Pesty A, Doussau M, Lahaye J B, Lefevre B
Puma and Trail/Dr5 pathways control radiation-induced apoptosis in distinct populations of testicular progenitors.
Coureuil M, Ugolin N, Tavernier M, Chevillard S, Barroca V, Fouchet P, Allemand I.
Origin of the complex karyotype of the polyploid parthenogenetic grasshopper Saga pedo (Orthoptera  Tettigoniidae)
Dutrillaux A M, Lemonnier-Darcemont M, Darcemont C, Krpac V, Fouchet P, Dutrillaux B
Transplanted progenitors can generate germinal stem cells
Barroca V, Lassalle B, Allemand I, Riou L, Fouchet P
Mouse differentiating spermatogonia can generate germinal stem cells in vivo
Barroca V, Lassalle B, Coureuil M, Louis JP, Le Page F, Testart J, Allemand I, Riou L, Fouchet P
Caspase-2(L), caspase-9, and caspase-3 during in vitro maturation and fragmentation of the mouse oocyte
Arnault E, Tosca L, Courtot AM, Doussau M, Pesty A, Finaz C, Allemand I, Lefevre B
Stage-specificity of spontaneous mutation at a tandem repeat DNA locus in the mouse germline
Shanks M, Riou L, Fouchet P, Dubrova YE
The role of PLC beta 1 in the control of oocyte meiosis during folliculogenesis
Pesty A, Broca O, Poirot C, Lefevre, B.
Bone-Marrow-Derived Stem Cells do not Reconstitute Spermatogenesis in vivo
Lassalle B, Mouthon MA, Riou L, Barroca V, Coureuil M, Boussin F, Testart J, Allemand I, Fouchet P
Fanconi DNA repair pathway is required for survival and long-term maintenance of neural progenitors
Sii-Felice K, Etienne O, Hoffschir F, Mathieu C, Riou L, Barroca V, Haton C, Arwert F, Fouchet P, Boussin FD, Mouthon MA
Mutation research/fundamental and molecular mechanisms of mutagenesis
Shanks M, Riou L, Fouchet P, Dubrova Y E
Multiparameter assessment of mouse oogenesis during follicular growth in vitro
Pesty A, Miyara F, Debey P, Lefevre B, Poirot C
The Phosphoinositide-Phospholipase C (PI-PLC) Pathway in the Mouse Oocyte
Lefevre B, Pesty A, Courtot AM, Martins CV, Broca O, Denys A, Arnault E, Poirot C, Avazeri N