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LGAG Publications

Published on 12 July 2018
Spermatogonial Stem Cell Quest  nanos2, Marker of a Subpopulation of Undifferentiated A Spermatogonia in Trout Testis
Bellaiche J, Lareyre JJ, Cauty C, Yano A, Allemand I, Le Gac F
Cell therapy against male infertility
Fouchet P
Stem Cell Therapy for Male Infertility Takes a Step Forward
Firlej V, Barraud-Lange V, Fouchet P
Impaired functionality and homing of Fancg-deficient hematopoietic stem cells
Barroca V, Mouthon M A, Lewandowski D, de la Grange P B, Gauthier L R, Pflumio F, Boussin F D, Arwert F, Riou L, Allemand I, Romeo P H, Fouchet P
In vivo cellular imaging pinpoints the role of reactive oxygen species in the early steps of adult hematopoietic reconstitution
Lewandowski D, Barroca V, Duconge F, Bayer J, Van Nhieu J T, Pestourie C, Fouchet P, Tavitian B, Romeo P H
Puma and Trail/Dr5 Pathways Control Radiation-Induced Apoptosis in Distinct Populations of Testicular Progenitors
Coureuil M, Ugolin N, Tavernier M, Chevillard S, Barroca V, Fouchet P, Allemand I
TGF beta signaling in male germ cells regulates gonocyte quiescence and fertility in mice
Moreno S G, Attali M, Allemand I, Messiaen S, Fouchet P, Coffigny H, Romeo P H, Habert R
Early Expression of the Androgen Receptor in the Sertoli Cells of a Marsupial Coincides with Downregulation of Anti-Mullerian Hormone at the Time of Urogenital Virilization
Racine C, Pask A J, Wijayanti G E, Di Clemente N, Picard J Y, Shaw G, Renfree M B, Josso N
Lamin A/C, Caspase-6, and Chromatin Configuration During Meiosis Resumption in the Mouse Oocyte
Arnault E, Doussau M, Pesty A, Lefevre B, Courtot A M
Whole-body or isolated ovary Co-60 irradiation  Effects on in vivo and in vitro folliculogenesis and oocyte maturation
Pesty A, Doussau M, Lahaye J B, Lefevre B
Origin of the complex karyotype of the polyploid parthenogenetic grasshopper Saga pedo (Orthoptera  Tettigoniidae)
Dutrillaux A M, Lemonnier-Darcemont M, Darcemont C, Krpac V, Fouchet P, Dutrillaux B
Transplanted progenitors can generate germinal stem cells
Barroca V, Lassalle B, Allemand I, Riou L, Fouchet P
Mouse differentiating spermatogonia can generate germinal stem cells in vivo
Barroca V, Lassalle B, Coureuil M, Louis JP, Le Page F, Testart J, Allemand I, Riou L, Fouchet P
Caspase-2(L), caspase-9, and caspase-3 during in vitro maturation and fragmentation of the mouse oocyte
Arnault E, Tosca L, Courtot AM, Doussau M, Pesty A, Finaz C, Allemand I, Lefevre B
Stage-specificity of spontaneous mutation at a tandem repeat DNA locus in the mouse germline
Shanks M, Riou L, Fouchet P, Dubrova YE
The role of PLC beta 1 in the control of oocyte meiosis during folliculogenesis
Pesty A, Broca O, Poirot C, Lefevre, B.
Bone-Marrow-Derived Stem Cells do not Reconstitute Spermatogenesis in vivo
Lassalle B, Mouthon MA, Riou L, Barroca V, Coureuil M, Boussin F, Testart J, Allemand I, Fouchet P
Fanconi DNA repair pathway is required for survival and long-term maintenance of neural progenitors
Sii-Felice K, Etienne O, Hoffschir F, Mathieu C, Riou L, Barroca V, Haton C, Arwert F, Fouchet P, Boussin FD, Mouthon MA
Mutation research/fundamental and molecular mechanisms of mutagenesis
Shanks M, Riou L, Fouchet P, Dubrova Y E
Multiparameter assessment of mouse oogenesis during follicular growth in vitro
Pesty A, Miyara F, Debey P, Lefevre B, Poirot C
The Phosphoinositide-Phospholipase C (PI-PLC) Pathway in the Mouse Oocyte
Lefevre B, Pesty A, Courtot AM, Martins CV, Broca O, Denys A, Arnault E, Poirot C, Avazeri N