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Technology Laboratories/platforms

Laboratoires plateformes technologiques

IDMIT is since 2016 labelled IBISA and certified since July 2017, ISO90012015 with regard to the policy of management of its technological activities located on the site of the CEA of Fontenay-aux-Roses. 

Published on 15 November 2021

The perimeter of this labelling ISO90012015 is shown below.

In 2012, we received funding from the PIA (Future Investment Plan) for the creation of the National Infrastructure in Biology & Health IDMIT for "Modeling Infectious Diseases and Innovative Therapies". This national infrastructure benefits from the expertise and knowledge of its world-renowned founders: CEA, Institut Pasteur, University of Paris-Saclay/Paris-Sud, INSERM, ANRS and OncoDesign. The partners, all international leaders in the field of host/pathogen relationships, provide complementary expertise that results in a preclinical entity, unique in Europe in the field of infectious diseases affecting man.

Highly innovative technologies, such as flow cytometry coupled with mass spectrometry (CYTOF) in the FlowCytech laboratory and in vivo optical and nuclear Imaging (L3i Laboratory), are available to the entire scientific community.

​IDMIT Technology Laboratories/platforms

  • FlowCyTech (LFC) - Dr. nathalie bosquet

  • "Imaging of Infection and Inflammation" Laboratory (L3I) - Dr. Catherine Chapon

  • "Immunology and Infectiology" Laboratory (L2I) - Dr. Nathalie Bosquet

  • "Animal Sciences and animal Welfare" Laboratory (ASW) - Dr. Francis relouzat

  • "Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics" Laboratory (L2P) - Dr. Anne Barrail-Tran

  • "Immuno-monitorage" Laboratory (LIM) - Dr. Christine Bourgeois

  • "Informatics and Bio-Informatics" Laboratory (IBI) - Brice Targat, Ingineer

  • PharmImmune Laboratory - Dr. Pascal Clayette

  • Biological Resource CentEr (CRB) - Rahima Yousfi, Ingineer

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