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Led: ​ Pascal Clayette

Published on 4 September 2018
PharmImmune is the OncoDesign team that is located within the IDMIT Department of the Jacob Institute (CEA-FAR).

The PharmImmune/OncoDesign partnership with IDMIT allows PharmImmune and IDMIT to benefit from the means, skills and know-how of each:

  • Benefit from the facilities and technological means of IDMIT,
  • Benefit from the know-how and expertise of PharmImmune,
  • Develop joint research and development programs:
    - Development of new bio-assays,
    -Development of new experimental models,
  • Contribute/cooperate in the operationality of high-tech platforms:
    - Homogenization and standardization of tests,
    - Adaptation of the tests to the needs of the clients,
    - Accompaniment of the IS0 90012015 standard of management by the quality of IDMIT-FAR laboratories/technology platforms,
  • Provide a professionalized service to the pharmaceutical manufacturers and institutions developing medicines or diagnostic products: to respond jointly and in a complementary manner to all regulatory phases that precede the first clinical trials,
  • Facilitate the establishment of service and/or research delivery contracts,
  • Adaption to the constraints of the client: confidentiality, respect of deadlines, regulatory reports.

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