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Informatics and Bio-informatics Laboratory (IBI)

Laboratoire Informatique et Bio-informatique (IBI)

Led: Brice Targat

Published on 4 September 2018
IDMIT has its own team "Informatics and Bio-informatics" led by B. Targat, whose three main missions are:
  • Managing the computing of the IDMIT infrastructure,
  • To ensure the development of software, with the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) "BATLab", 
  • Perform bioinformatics analyses of high-throughput data.
BATLab is central in the functioning of IDMIT, since involved in the management of:
  • Biological Resource Centre (barcode)
  • Storage (deliveries, receipts)
  • Reagents (commercial, homemade) such as antibodies
  • Animal experiments and housing
  • Sampling and interventions (planning)
  • Metadata (studies, subjects, instruments, MOT...)
  • Data/results (data files, schemas, visualization, Extraction PDF...)
  • Quality Management System (ISO90012015)