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Genoscope Unit UMR 8030 Genomics Metabolics

UMR 8030 Génomique Métabolique du Genoscope
Published on 21 December 2021

UMR 8030 « Genomics Metabolics » is the basic research structure of the Genoscope - National sequencing center. 

Through the various projects, in-house or conducted in national or international cooperative form, we explore the biodiversity of organisms by analysis of their genomes, thus significantly contributing to the overall investigation of the tree of life. Recently, the emergence of new sequencing technologies has revolutionized genomic research yielding access not only to new genomes in all the fields of life which have been largely under-explored, but also to the overall study of biodiversity of consortia of organisms derived from environmental samples. In particular, a leading project is investigating the biodiversity of marine organisms (Tara Oceans) and involves the Laboratory for the Genomic Analysis of Eukaryotes (P. Wincker).

The flood of de novo sequencing data is also accompanied by an increase in the number of genes whose functions remain totally unknown. Genoscope and the UMR have therefore decided to expand the study of the biodiversity of genomes to that of the chemical reactions conducted by the living worlds with four orientations:

This evolution is resolutely in line with a sustainable chemistry approach and contributes to the setup of chemistry using less fossil fuel, generating less pollution and consuming less energy.

​Responsable : Patrick Wincker