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The Genoscope laboratories / UMR8030

DossierCloning and screening bioconversion activities

General theme 

Large-scale experimental investigation of the chemical capabilities of the living world derived from the diversity of prokaryotes constitutes the general theme. The laboratory's work is designed to determine, on the one hand, the functions of the enzymes involved in microorganism metabolism and, on the other hand, to discover new biocatalysts for synthetic chemistry or metabolic engineering/synthetic biology applications.


- Formation of new C-C bonds in the context of the ANR project « GenoZ​yme​ » involving aldolases (M. Lemaire, SEESIB/Clermont Ferrand) and transketolases (L. Hecquet, SEESIB/Clermont Ferrand and P. Marlière, Isthmus), and the collaborative project with P. Marlière (Isthmus) involving thiamine PP enzymes.

- New oxidation reactions:  ANR project 'NaturaDyre' involving Baeyer-Villigerases (V. Alphand (Ism2/University Paul Cézanne), A. de Brevern (DSIMB/INSERM) and the company Naturamole, collaborative project with A. Zaparucha (LCOB) involving a-ketoglutarate dioxygenases.

- Discovery of new transferases in the context of collaborative projects with T. Gefflaut (SEESIB, Clermont Ferrand) involving transaminases and M. Lemaire (SEESIB, Clermont Ferrand) involving sugar kinases.

- Discovery of new hydrolases in the context of collaborative projects with A. Zaparucha (LCOB) involving nitrilases, S. Duquesnes and A. Marty (LISPB, INSA Toulouse) involving lipases.

- Metabolic engineering project in the context of the ANR project  « RESET »  « Terpene mini biosynthetic path » (G. Iacazio (Ism2/University Paul Cézanne), Frédéric Peruch (LCPO (Bordeaux University/IPB));  Maxim Charman (EMAC company);  Sophie Lavoine (CHARABOT company).​

Published on 5 January 2016