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Genoscope Publications

Published on 25 June 2018
Providing a phylogenetic framework for trait-based analyses in brown algae: Phylogenomic tree inferred from 32 nuclear protein-coding sequences
Akita S, Vieira C, Hanyuda T, Rousseau F, Cruaud C, Couloux A, Heesch S, Cock JM and Kawai H
Structure and Mutation of the Native Amine Dehydrogenase MATOUAmDH2
Bennett M, Ducrot L, Vergne-Vaxelaire C and Grogan G
Epigenomic and structural events preclude recombination in Brassica napus
Boideau F, Richard G, Coriton O, Huteau V, Belser C, Deniot G, Eber F, Falentin C, de Carvalho JF, Gilet M, Lode-Taburel M, Maillet L, Morice J, Trotoux G, Aury JM, Chevre AM and Rousseau-Gueutin M
Oxford Nanopore and Bionano Genomics technologies evaluation for plant structural variation detection
Canaguier A, Guilbaud R, Denis E, Magdelenat G, Belser C, Istace B, Cruaud C, Wincker P, Le Paslier MC, Faivre-Rampant P and Barbe V
Sex in the city: Uncovering sex-specific management of equine resources from prehistoric times to the Modern Period in France
Clavel B, Lepetz S, Chauvey L, Schiavinato S, Tonasso-Calviere L, Liu XX, Fages A, Khan N, Seguin-Orlando A, Sarkissian CD, Clavel P, Estrada O, Alioglu D, Gaunitz C, Aury JM, Barme M, Bodu P, Olive M, Bignon-Lau O, Castel JC, Boudadi-Maligne M, Boulbes N, Bourgois A, Decanter F, Foucras S, Frere S, Gardeisen A, Jouanin G, Mela C, Morand N, Espinet AN, Perdereau A, Putelat O, Riviere J, Robin O, Salin M, Valenzuela-Lamas S, Vallet C, Yvinec JH, Wincker P and Orlando L
Patterns of eukaryotic diversity from the surface to the deep-ocean sediment
Cordier T, Angeles IB, Henry N, Lejzerowicz F, Berney C, Morard R, Brandt A, Cambon-Bonavita M-A, Guidi L, Lombard F, Arbizu PM, Massana R, Orejas C, Poulain J, Smith CR, Wincker P, Arnaud-Haond S, Gooday AJ, de Vargas C and Pawlowski J
Selection drives convergent gene expression changes during transitions to co-sexuality in haploid sexual systems
Cossard GG, Godfroy O, Nehr Z, Cruaud C, Cock JM, Lipinska AP and Coelho SM
Giant Viruses Encode Actin-Related Proteins
Da Cunha V, Gaia M, Ogata H, Jaillon O, Delmont TO and Forterre P
Genomic Instability in Somatic Hybridization between Poncirus and Citrus Species Aiming to Create New Rootstocks
Dambier D, Barantin P, Boulard G, Costantino G, Mournet P, Perdereau A, Morillon R and Ollitrault P
Access to the Syn diastereomers of cryptophane cages using HFIP
Della-Negra O, Cirillo Y, Brotin T, Dutasta JP, Saaidi PL, Chatelet B and Martinez A
Genetic and biocatalytic basis of formate dependent growth of Escherichia coli strains evolved in continuous culture
Delmas VA, Perchat N, Monet O, Foure M, Darii E, Roche D, Dubois I, Pateau E, Perret A, Doring V and Bouzon M
Functional repertoire convergence of distantly related eukaryotic plankton lineages abundant in the sunlit ocean
Delmont TO, Gaia M, Hinsinger DD, Fr‚mont P, Vanni C, Fernandez-Guerra A, Eren AM, Kourlaiev A, d'Agata L, Clayssen Q, Villar E, Labadie K, Cruaud C, Poulain J, Da Silva C, Wessner M, Noel B, Aury J-M, Sunagawa S, Acinas SG, Bork P, Karsenti E, Bowler C, Sardet C, Stemmann L, de Vargas C, Wincker P, Lescot M, Babin M, Gorsky G, Grimsley N, Guidi L, Hingamp P, Jaillon O, Kandels S, Iudicone D, Ogata H, Pesant S, Sullivan MB, Not F, Lee K-B, Boss E, Cochrane G, Follows M, Poulton N, Raes J, Sieracki M, Speich S, de Vargas C, Bowler C, Karsenti E, Pelletier E, Wincker P and Jaillon O
Genome wide association study of Escherichia coli bloodstream infection isolates identifies genetic determinants for the portal of entry but not fatal outcome
Denamur E, Condamine B, Esposito-Farese M, Royer G, Clermont O, Laouenan C, Lefort A, de Lastours V, Galardini M, Colibafi and Septicoli
Photobiocatalytic Oxyfunctionalization with High Reaction Rate using a Baeyer-Villiger Monooxygenase from Burkholderia xenovorans in Metabolically Engineered Cyanobacteria
Erdem E, Malihan-Yap L, Assil-Companioni L, Grimm H, Barone GD, Serveau-Avesque C, Amouric A, Duquesne K, de Berardinis V, Allahverdiyeva Y, Alphand V and Kourist R
Restructuring of plankton genomic biogeography in the surface ocean under climate change
Fremont P, Gehlen M, Vrac M, Leconte J, Delmont TO, Wincker P, Iudicone D and Jaillon O
Diversity and Evolution of Pigment Types in Marine Synechococcus Cyanobacteria
Grebert T, Garczarek L, Daubin V, Humily F, Marie D, Ratin M, Devailly A, Farrant GK, Mary I, Mella-Flores D, Tanguy G, Labadie K, Wincker P, Kehoe DM and Partensky F
Genome-Wide TSS Distribution in Three Related Clostridia with Normalized Capp-Switch Sequencing
Hocq R, Jagtap S, Boutard M, Tolonen AC, Duval L, Pirayre A, Ferreira NL and Wasels F
Pyruvate kinase, a metabolic sensor powering glycolysis, drives the metabolic control of DNA replication
Horemans S, Pitoulias M, Holland A, Pateau E, Lechaplais C, Ekaterina D, Perret A, Soultanas P and Janniere L
Genes and enzymes involved in the biodegradation of the quaternary carbon compound pivalate in the denitrifying Thauera humireducens strain PIV-1
Jacoby C, Ebenau-Jehle C, Saum K, Jehmlich N, von Bergen M, Bruls T and Boll M
Synthesis of Chiral Amines via a Bi-Enzymatic Cascade Using an Ene-Reductase and Amine Dehydrogenase
Jongkind EPJ, Fossey-Jouenne A, Mayol O, Zaparucha A, Vergne-Vaxelaire C and Paul CE
A robust approach to estimate relative phytoplankton cell abundances from metagenomes
Karlusich JJP, Pelletier E, Zinger L, Lombard F, Zingone A, Colin S, Gasol JM, Dorrell RG, Henry N, Scalco E, Acinas SG, Wincker P, de Vargas C and Bowler C
Subtle limits to connectivity revealed by outlier loci within two divergent metapopulations of the deep-sea hydrothermal gastropod Ifremeria nautilei
Lu YAT, Ruault S, Daguin-Thiebaut C, Castel J, Bierne N, Broquet T, Wincker P, Perdereau A, Arnaud-Haond S, Gagnaire PA, Jollivet D, Hourdez S and Bonhomme F
A Chromosome-Level Genome Assembly of the European Beech (Fagus sylvatica) Reveals Anomalies for Organelle DNA Integration, Repeat Content and Distribution of SNPs
Mishra B, Ulaszewski B, Meger J, Aury J-M, Bodenes C, Lesur-Kupin I, Pfenninger M, Da Silva C, Gupta DK, Guichoux E, Heer K, Lalanne C, Labadie K, Opgenoorth L, Ploch S, Le Provost G, Salse J, Scotti I, Wotzel S, Plomion C, Burczyk J and Thines M
ORTHOSKIM: In silico sequence capture from genomic and transcriptomic libraries for phylogenomic and barcoding applications
Pouchon C, Boyer F, Roquet C, Denoeud F, Chave J, Coissac E, Alsos IG, Lavergne S, PhyloAlps C and PhyloNorway C
O-Antigen Targeted Vaccines Against Escherichia coli May Be Useful in Reducing Morbidity, Mortality, and Antimicrobial Resistance
Royer G, Clermont O, Condamine B, Mercier-Darty M, Laouean C, Lefort A, Denamur E, de Lastours V and Grp CS
Reduced Chlorhexidine Susceptibility Is Associated with Tetracycline Resistance tet Genes in Clinical Isolates of Escherichia coli
Royer G, de La Rosa JMO, Vuillemin X, Lacombe B, Chau F, Clermont O, Mercier-Darty M, Decousser JW, Ricard JD, Nordmann P, Denamur E and Poirel L
Genome-wide evolutionary response of European oaks during the Anthropocene
Saleh D, Chen J, Leple JC, Leroy T, Truffaut L, Dencausse B, Lalanne C, Labadie K, Lesur I, Bert D, Lagane F, Morneau F, Aury JM, Plomion C, Lascoux M and Kremer A
Lifespan prolonging mechanisms and insulin upregulation without fat accumulation in long-lived reproductives of a higher termite
Seite S, Harrison MC, Sillam-Dusses D, Lupoli R, Van Dooren TJM, Robert A, Poissonnier LA, Lemainque A, Renault D, Acket S, Andrieu M, Viscarra J, Sul HS, De Beer ZW, Bornberg-Bauer E and Vasseur-Cognet M
Toehold switch based biosensors for sensing the highly trafficked rosewood Dalbergia maritima
Soudier P, Rodriguez Pinzon D, Reif-Trauttmansdorff T, Hijazi H, Cherriere M, Goncalves Pereira C, Blaise D, Pispisa M, Saint-Julien A, Hamlet W, Nguevo M, Gomes E, Belkhelfa S, Niarakis A, Kushwaha M and Grigoras I
Evidence of sexual transmission of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-producing Enterobacterales: a cross-sectional and prospective study
Surgers L, Chiarabini T, Royer G, Rougier H, Mercier-Darty M, Decre D, Valin N, Woerther P-L, Decousser J-W, Girard P-M, Lacombe K and Boyd A
Cryptic and abundant marine viruses at the evolutionary origins of Earth's RNA virome
Zayed AA, Wainaina JM, Dominguez-Huerta G, Pelletier E, Guo JR, Mohssen M, Tian FN, Pratama AA, Bolduc B, Zablocki O, Cronin D, Solden L, Delage E, Alberti A, Aury JM, Carradec Q, da Silva C, Labadie K, Poulain J, Ruscheweyh HJ, Salazar G, Shatoff E, Bundschuh R, Fredrick K, Kubatko LS, Chaffron S, Culley AI, Sunagawa S, Kuhn JH, Wincker P, Sullivan MB and Tara Oceans C
Genome-wide supermatrix analyses of maples (Acer, Sapindaceae) reveal recurring inter-continental migration, mass extinction, and rapid lineage divergence
Areces-Berazain F, Hinsinger DD and Strijk JS
A Core Transcription Regulatory Circuitry Defining Microglia Cell Identity Inferred from the Reanalysis of Multiple Human Microglia Differentiation Protocols
Aubert A, Studer F, Colombo BM and Mendoza-Parra MA
Hapo-G, haplotype-aware polishing of genome assemblies with accurate reads
Aury JM and Istace B
Stealth Fluorescence Labeling for Live Microscopy Imaging of mRNA Delivery
Baladi T, Nilsson JR, Gallud A, Celauro E, Gasse C, Levi-Acobas F, Sarac I, Hollenstein MR, Dahlen A, Esbjorner EK and Wilhelmsson LM
Rapid identification of methylase specificity (RIMS-seq) jointly identifies methylated motifs and generates shotgun sequencing of bacterial genomes
Baum C, Lin YC, Fomenkov A, Anton BP, Chen LX, Yan B, Evans TC, Roberts RJ, Tolonen AC and Ettwiller L
Telomere-to-telomere gapless chromosomes of banana using nanopore sequencing
Belser C, Baurens FC, Noel B, Martin G, Cruaud C, Istace B, Yahiaoui N, Labadie K, Hribova E, Dolezel J, Lemainque A, Wincker P, D'Hont A and Aury JM
Purification and Characterization of Nit, a Robust Thermostable Nitrilase From Parabukholderia phymatum
Bessonnet T, Mariage A, Petit JL, Pellouin V, Debard A, Zaparucha A, Vergne-Vaxelaire C and de Berardinis V
Change in Cofactor Specificity of Oxidoreductases by Adaptive Evolution of an Escherichia coli NADPH-Auxotrophic Strain
Bouzon M, Doring V, Dubois I, Berger A, Stoffel GMM, Ramirez LC, Meyer SN, Foure M, Roche D, Perret A, Erb TJ, Bar-Even A and Lindner SN
Macroscale patterns of oceanic zooplankton composition and size structure
Brandao MC, Benedetti F, Martini S, Soviadan YD, Irisson JO, Romagnan JB, Elineau A, Desnos C, Jalabert L, Freire AS, Picheral M, Guidi L, Gorsky G, Bowler C, Karp-Boss L, Henry N, de Vargas C, Sullivan MB, Stemmann L, Lombard F and Tara Oceans Consortium C
Evaluating sediment and water sampling methods for the estimation of deep-sea biodiversity using environmental DNA
Brandt MI, Pradillon F, Trouche B, Henry N, Liautard-Haag C, Cambon-Bonavita MA, Cueff-Gauchard V, Wincker P, Belser C, Poulain J, Arnaud-Haond S and Zeppilli D
Bioinformatic pipelines combining denoising and clustering tools allow for more comprehensive prokaryotic and eukaryotic metabarcoding
Brandt MI, Trouche B, Quintric L, Gunther B, Wincker P, Poulain J and Arnaud-Haond S
Editorial: Synthetic Microbial Ecology
Bruls T, Baumdicker F and Smidt H
BoardION: real-time monitoring of Oxford Nanopore sequencing instruments
Bruno A, Aury JM and Engelen S
Mitotic recombination between homologous chromosomes drives genomic diversity in diatoms
Bulankova P, Sekulic M, Jallet D, Nef C, van Oosterhout C, Delmont TO, Vercauteren I, Osuna-Cruz CM, Vancaester E, Mock T, Sabbe K, Daboussi F, Bowler C, Vyverman W, Vandepoele K and De Veylder L
Protein Family Content Uncovers Lineage Relationships and Bacterial Pathway Maintenance Mechanisms in DPANN Archaea
Castelle CJ, Meheust R, Jaffe AL, Seitz K, Gong XZ, Baker BJ and Banfield JF
Environmental vulnerability of the global ocean epipelagic plankton community interactome
Chaffron S, Delage E, Budinich M, Vintache D, Henry N, Nef C, Ardyna M, Zayed AA, Junger PC, Galand PE, Lovejoy C, Murray AE, Sarmento H, Acinas SG, Babin M, Iudicone D, Jaillon O, Karsenti E, Wincker P, Karp-Boss L, Sullivan MB, Bowler C, de Vargas C, Eveillard D and Tara Oceans C
Relative Influence of Plastic Debris Size and Shape, Chemical Composition and Phytoplankton-Bacteria Interactions in Driving Seawater Plastisphere Abundance, Diversity and Activity
Cheng JG, Jacquin J, Conan P, Pujo-Pay M, Barbe V, George M, Fabre P, Bruzaud S, Ter Halle A, Meistertzheim AL and Ghiglione JF
Assessing the predictive taxonomic power of the bony labyrinth 3D shape in horses, donkeys and their F1-hybrids
Clavel P, Dumoncel J, Sarkissian CD, Seguin-Orlando A, Calviere-Tonasso L, Schiavinato S, Chauvey L, Perdereau A, Aury JM, Wincker P, Onar V, Clavel B, Lepetz S, Braga J and Orlando L
The NANOTUMOR consortium - Towards the Tumor Cell Atlas
Colin F, Schauer K, Hamiche A, Martineau P, Borg JP, Bednar J, Bertolin G, Camoin L, Collette Y, Dimitrov S, Fournier I, Hyenne V, Mendoza-Parra MA, Morelli X, Ronde P, Sumara I, Tramier M, Schultz P and Goetz JG
Sequence-independent RNA sensing and DNA targeting by a split domain CRISPR-Cas12a gRNA switch
Collins SP, Rostain W, Liao CY and Beisel CL
First Direct Evidence of Interpartner Hydride/Deuteride Exchanges for Stored Sodiated Arginine/Fructose-6-phosphate Complex Anions within Salt-Solvated Structures
Darii E, Gimbert Y, Alves S, Damont A, Perret A, Woods AS, Fenaille F and Tabet JC
Sequence diversity and evolution of a group of iflaviruses associated with ticks
Daveu R, Hervet C, Sigrist L, Sassera D, Jex A, Labadie K, Aury JM, Plantard O and Rispe C
Microbiological versus Chemical Reductive Sulfidation: An Experimental and Theoretical Study
Della-Negra O, de Bonneville BL, Chaussonnerie S, Le Paslier D, Frison G and Saaidi PL
Discovery of nondiazotrophic Trichodesmium species abundant and widespread in the open ocean
Delmont TO
Heterotrophic bacterial diazotrophs are more abundant than their cyanobacterial counterparts in metagenomes covering most of the sunlit ocean
Delmont TO, Karlusich JJP, Veseli I, Fuessel J, Eren AM, Foster RA, Bowler C, Wincker P and Pelletier E
VarGoats project: a dataset of 1159 whole-genome sequences to dissect Capra hircus global diversity
Denoyelle L, Talouarn E, Bardou P, Colli L, Alberti A, Danchin C, Del Corvo M, Engelen S, Orvain C, Palhiere I, Rupp R, Sarry J, Salavati M, Amills M, Clark E, Crepaldi P, Faraut T, Masiga CW, Pompanon F, Rosen BD, Stella A, Van Tassell CP, Tosser-Klopp G and VarGoats C
A community perspective on the concept of marine holobionts: current status, challenges, and future directions
Dittami SM, Arboleda E, Auguet JC, Bigalke A, Briand E, Cardenas P, Cardini U, Decelle J, Engelen AH, Eveillard D, Gachoni CMM, Griffiths SM, Harder T, Kayal E, Kazamia E, Lathier FH, Medina M, Marzinelli EM, Morganti TM, Pons LN, Prado S, Pintado J, Saha M, selosse MA, Skillings D, Stock W, Sunagawa S, Toulza E, Vorobev A, Leblanc C and Not F
Ion channel profiling of the Lymnaea stagnalis ganglia via transcriptome analysis
Dong N, Bandura J, Zhang ZL, Wang Y, Labadie K, Noel B, Davison A, Koene JM, Sun HS, Coutellec MA and Feng ZP
Phylogenomic fingerprinting of tempo and functions of horizontal gene transfer within ochrophytes
Dorrell RG, Villain A, Perez-Lamarque B, de Kerdrel GA, McCallum G, Watson AK, Ait-Mohamed O, Alberti A, Corre E, Frischkorn KR, Karlusich JJP, Pelletier E, Morlon H, Bowler C and Blanc G
Biocatalytic Reductive Amination by Native Amine Dehydrogenases to Access Short Chiral Alkyl Amines and Amino Alcohols
Ducrot L, Bennett M, Caparco AA, Champion JA, Bommarius AS, Zaparucha A, Grogan G and Vergne-Vaxelaire C
NAD(P)H-Dependent Enzymes for Reductive Amination: Active Site Description and Carbonyl-Containing Compound Spectrum
Ducrot L, Bennett M, Grogan G and Vergne-Vaxelaire C
Community-led, integrated, reproducible multi-omics with anvi'o
Eren AM, Kiefl E, Shaiber A, Veseli I, Miller SE, Schechter MS, Fink I, Pan JN, Yousef M, Fogarty EC, Trigodet F, Watson AR, Esen OC, Moore RM, Clayssen Q, Lee MD, Kivenson V, Graham ED, Merrill BD, Karkman A, Blankenberg D, Eppley JM, Sjodin A, Scott JJ, Vazquez-Campos X, McKay LJ, McDaniel EA, Stevens SLR, Anderson RE, Fuessel J, Fernandez-Guerra A, Maignien L, Delmont TO and Willis AD
Rapid protein evolution, organellar reductions, and invasive intronic elements in the marine aerobic parasite dinoflagellate Amoebophrya spp
Farhat S, Le P, Kayal E, Noel B, Bigeard E, Corre E, Maumus F, Florent I, Alberti A, Aury JM, Barbeyron T, Cai RB, Da Silva C, Istace B, Labadie K, Marie D, Mercier J, Rukwavu T, Szymczak J, Tonon T, Alves-de-Souza C, Rouze P, van de Peer Y, Wincker P, Rombauts S, Porcel BM and Guillou L
Giant viruses and the origin of eukaryotic RNA polymerases
Forterre P and Gaia M
Cyanorak v2.1: a scalable information system dedicated to the visualization and expert curation of marine and brackish picocyanobacteria genomes
Garczarek L, Guyet U, Dore H, Farrant GK, Hoebeke M, Brillet-Gueguen L, Bisch A, Ferrieux M, Siltanen J, Corre E, Le Corguille G, Ratin M, Pitt FD, Ostrowski M, Conan M, Siegel A, Labadie K, Aury JM, Wincker P, Scanlan DJ and Partensky F
One Step Forward in Exploration of Class II Pyruvate Aldolases Nucleophile and Electrophile Substrate Specificity
Gastaldi C, Tagne RN, Laurent V, Helaine V, Petit JL, Traikia M, de Berardinis V, Lemaire M and Guerard-Helaine C
Chromosomal scale assembly of parasitic wasp genome reveals symbiotic virus colonization
Gauthier J, Boulain H, van Vugt J, Baudry L, Persyn E, Aury JM, Noel B, Bretaudeau A, Legeai F, Warris S, Chebbi MA, Dubreuil G, Duvic B, Kremer N, Gayral P, Musset K, Josse T, Bigot D, Bressac C, Moreau S, Periquet G, Harry M, Montagne N, Boulogne I, Sabeti-Azad M, Maibeche M, Chertemps T, Hilliou F, Siaussat D, Amselem J, Luyten I, Capdevielle-Dulac C, Labadie K, Merlin BL, Barbe V, de Boer JG, Marbouty M, Consoli FL, Dupas S, Hua-Van A, Le Goff G, Bezier A, Jacquin-Joly E, Whitfield JB, Vet LEM, Smid HM, Kaiser L, Koszul R, Huguet E, Herniou EA and Drezen JM
Large-scale transcriptomics to dissect 2 years of the life of a fungal phytopathogen interacting with its host plant
Gay EJ, Soyer JL, Lapalu N, Linglin J, Fudal I, Da Silva C, Wincker P, Aury JM, Cruaud C, Levrel A, Lemoine J, Delourme R, Rouxel T and Balesdent MH
Biocatalysed synthesis of chiral amines: continuous colorimetric assays for mining amine-transaminases
Gourbeyre L, Heuson E, Charmantray F, Helaine V, Debard A, Petit JL, de Berardinis V and Gefflaut T
Population genomics of apricots unravels domestication history and adaptive events
Groppi A, Liu S, Cornille A, Decroocq S, Bui QT, Tricon D, Cruaud C, Arribat S, Belser C, Marande W, Salse J, Huneau C, Rodde N, Rhalloussi W, Cauet S, Istace B, Denis E, Carrere S, Audergon JM, Roch G, Lambert P, Zhebentyayeva T, Liu WS, Bouchez O, Lopez-Roques C, Serre RF, Debuchy R, Tran J, Wincker P, Chen XL, Petriacq P, Barre A, Nikolski M, Aury JM, Abbott AG, Giraud T and Decroocq V
VirSorter2: a multi-classifier, expert-guided approach to detect diverse DNA and RNA viruses
Guo JR, Bolduc B, Zayed AA, Varsani A, Dominguez-Huerta G, Delmont TO, Pratama AA, Gazitua MC, Vik D, Sullivan MB and Roux S
Microbial Transformation of Chlordecone and Two Transformation Products Formed During in situ Chemical Reduction
Hellal J, Saaidi PL, Bristeau S, Crampon M, Muselet D, Della-Negra O, Mauffret A, Mouvet C and Joulian C
ProMetIS, deep phenotyping of mouse models by combined proteomics and metabolomics analysis
Imbert A, Rompais M, Selloum M, Castelli F, Mouton-Barbosa E, Brandolini-Bunlon M, Chu-Van E, Joly C, Hirschler A, Roger P, Burger T, Leblanc S, Sorg T, Ouzia S, Vandenbrouck Y, Medigue C, Junot C, Ferro M, Pujos-Guillot E, de Peredo AG, Fenaille F, Carapito C, Herault Y and Thevenot EA
Sequencing and Chromosome-Scale Assembly of Plant Genomes, Brassica rapa as a Use Case
Istace B, Belser C, Falentin C, Labadie K, Boideau F, Deniot G, Maillet L, Cruaud C, Bertrand L, Chevre AM, Wincker P, Rousseau-Gueutin M and Aury JM
Microbial Diversity and Activity During the Biodegradation in Seawater of Various Substitutes to Conventional Plastic Cotton Swab Sticks
Jacquin J, Callac N, Cheng JG, Giraud C, Gorand Y, Denoual C, Pujo-Pay M, Conan P, Meistertzheim AL, Barbe V, Bruzaud S and Ghiglione JF
From Strain Characterization to Field Authorization: Highlights on Bacillus velezensis Strain B25 Beneficial Properties for Plants and Its Activities on Phytopathogenic Fungi
Joly P, Calteau A, Wauquier A, Dumas R, Beuvin M, Vallenet D, Crovadore J, Cochard B, Lefort F and Berthon JY
Eukaryotic virus composition can predict the efficiency of carbon export in the global ocean
Kaneko H, Blanc-Mathieu R, Endo H, Chaffron S, Delmont TO, Gaia M, Henry N, Hernandez-Velazquez R, Nguyen CH, Mamitsuka H, Forterre P, Jaillon O, de Vargas C, Sullivan MB, Suttle CA, Guidi L and Ogata H
Global distribution patterns of marine nitrogen-fixers by imaging and molecular methods
Karlusich JJP, Pelletier E, Lombard F, Carsique M, Dvorak E, Colin S, Picheral M, Cornejo-Castillo FM, Acinas SG, Pepperkok R, Karsenti E, de Vargas C, Wincker P, Bowler C and Foster RA
Discovery of Viral Myosin Genes With Complex Evolutionary History Within Plankton
Kijima S, Delmont TO, Miyazaki U, Gaia M, Endo H and Ogata H
Patient-matched analysis identifies deregulated networks in prostate cancer to guide personalized therapeutic intervention
Kumar A, Kasikci Y, Badredine A, Azzag K, Ranty MLQ, Zaidi F, Aragou N, Mazerolles C, Malavaud ENR, Mendoza M, Vandel LRC and Gronemeyer R
Comparative genomics reveals new functional insights in uncultured MAST species
Labarre A, Lopez-Escard D, Latorre F, Leonard G, Bucchini F, Obiol A, Cruaud C, Sieracki ME, Jaillon O, Wincker P, Vandepoele K, Logares R and Massana R
Niche adaptation promoted the evolutionary diversification of tiny ocean predators
Latorre F, Deutschmann IM, Labarre A, Obiol A, Krabberod AK, Pelletier E, Sieracki ME, Cruaud C, Jaillon O, Massana R and Logares R
Dual RNAseq highlights the kinetics of skin microbiome and fish host responsiveness to bacterial infection
Le Luyer J, Schull Q, Auffret P, Lopez P, Crusot M, Belliard C, Basset C, Carradec Q, Poulain J, Planes S and Saulnier D
Historical management of equine resources in France from the Iron Age to the Modern Period
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The origins and spread of domestic horses from the Western Eurasian steppes
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