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Molecular Imaging Research Center



Director of MIRCen

Dr Romina Aron Badin

Secretary : Marie-Laure Raverdy

Associate director :

Dr Julien Valette

Published on 12 June 2023

MIRCen -Molecular Imaging Research Center- is a preclinical research installation created by the CEA and INSERM.

This installation, based at the CEA center in Fontenay-aux-Roses, consists of a group of platforms dedicated to the development and validation of animal models pertinent to human neurological diseases. These animal models are used both in the development and validation of novel techniques to detect deficits early after disease onset and in the evaluation of innovative treatments against neurodegenerative diseases.

Th10 platforms of MIRCen  occupy 8500 m² and enable both academic and industrial research teams at the national and international levels (see "service request") to access complementary molecular, imaging, behavioral and post-mortem expertise and methodologies.

About a hundred researchers, research officers, technicians, clinicians and students from the CEA, INSERM, CNRS, the Paris-Saclay university and Henri Mondor Hospital, work at this center, running  their own research programs (see the "Neurodegenerative Diseases Laboratory") or lending their focused expertise in neurosciences to  run the platforms (see "MIRCen platforms").

MIRCen coordinates the  research infrastructure NeuraTRIS, conceived to accelerate the translation of discoveries in basic research into medical innovations for the treatment of diseases of the nervous system NeuraTRIS, spécialisée en neuroscience translationnelle (NeuraTRIS


Research and technical platforms

Neurodegenerative diseases laboratory (LMN) UMR9199

Services and collaborations

Research in MIRCen


Gilles Bonvento, PhD

Director of the Neurodegenerative Disease laboratory

 Secretary:                          Cécil​e Saintot 

Julien Valette, PhD

Assistant director  of the Neurodegenerative Disease laboratory