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Departments and services

With nearly 700 scientists, the François Jacob Institute of Biology benefits from an international presence in the fields of imaging, new therapies, radiobiology, toxicology, infectiology and genomics.  

Published on 20 June 2018

​The Institute brings together five departments concentrated around: 

  • research in human genomics (CNRGH)
  • environmental genomics and the exploration of metabolic functions (Genoscope)
  • radiobiology and radiotoxicology (IRCM)
  • the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases (IDMIT)
  • the diagnosis and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases (MIRCen
The Institute includes also three services involved in:

  • research and technological innovations regarding prion diseases (SEPIA), 
  • immunohematology (SRHI), 
  • and the development of innovative therapies (STI).