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Published on 25 June 2018
Stage-specific IFN-induced and IFN gene expression reveal convergence of type I and type II IFN and highlight their role in both acute and chronic stage of pathogenic SIV infection.
Echebli N, Tchitchek N, Dupuy S, Bruel T, Peireira Bittencourt Passaes C, Bosquet N, Le Grand R, Bourgeois C, Favier B, Cheynier R, Lambotte O, Vaslin B
Safety and efficacy of anti-programmed death 1 antibodies in patients with cancer and pre-existing autoimmune or inflammatory disease.
Danlos FX, Voisin AL, Dyevre V, Michot JM, Routier E, Taillade L, Champiat S, Aspeslagh S, Haroche J, Albiges L, Massard C, Girard N, Dalle S, Besse B, Laghouati S, Soria JC, Mateus C, Robert C, Lanoy E, Marabelle A, Lambotte O
Sublingual Priming with a HIV gp41-Based Subunit Vaccine Elicits Mucosal Antibodies and Persistent B Memory Responses in Non-Human Primates
Bekri S, Bourdely P, Luci C, Dereuddre-Bosquet N, Su B, Martinon F, Braud VM, Luque I, Mateo PL, Crespillo S, Conejero-Lara F, Moog C, Le Grand R, Anjuere F
Front. Immunol., 2017
Comprehensive Mass Cytometry Analysis of Cell Cycle, Activation, and Coinhibitory Receptors Expression in CD4 T Cells from Healthy and HIV-Infected Individuals
Corneau A, Cosma A, Even S, Katlama C, Le Grand R, Frachet V, Blanc C, Autran B
Cytom. Part B-Clin. Cytom., 2017
RNA-Seq analysis of chikungunya virus infection and identification of granzyme A as a major promoter of arthritic inflammation
Wilson JAC, Prow NA, Schroder WA, Ellis JJ, Cumming HE, Gearing LJ, Poo YS, Taylor A, Hertzog PJ, Di Giallonardo F, Hueston L, Le Grand R, Tang B, Le TT, Gardner J, Mahalingam S, Roques P, Bird PI, Suhrbier A
PLoS Pathog., 2017
Recurrent obstructive acute pyelonephritis: A rare form of Actinotignum (Actinobaculum) schaalii infection in a HIV-1 infected patient
Vallet A, Noel N, Bahi R, Teicher E, Quertainmont Y, Delfraissy JF, Ferlicot S, Potron A, Goujard C, Lambotte O
Anaerobe, 2017
SPADEVizR: an R package for visualization, analysis and integration of SPADE results
Gautreau G, Pejoski D, Le Grand R, Cosma A, Beignon AS, Tchitchek N
Bioinformatics, 2017
No impact of eight NTRK2 genetic polymorphisms on 6-month antidepressant efficacy in depressed patients
Deflesselle E, Verstuyft C, Petit AC, Hardy P, David DJ, Falissard B, Feve B, Rigal L, Becquemont L, Corruble E, Colle R
Pharmacogenomics, 2017
Ultrasensitive HIV-1 p24 Assay Detects Single Infected Cells and Differences in Reservoir Induction by Latency Reversal Agents
Passaes CPB, Bruel T, JRMie DD, David A, Angin M, Monceaux V, Muller-Trutwin M, Noel N, Bourdic K, Lambotte O, Albert ML, Duffy D, Schwartz O, Saez-Cirion A
J. Virol., 2017
Echocardiographic Evaluation of the Acute Cardiovascular Effects of an Endothelin-Like Peptide Extracted from the Venom of Atractaspis irregularis
Mahjoub Y, Malaquin S, Abou Arab O, Mourier G, Lorne E, Salomon A, Kamel S, Dupont H, Ducancel F
Cardiovasc. Toxicol., 2017
Lack of ADCC Breadth of Human Nonneutralizing Anti-HIV-1 Antibodies
Bruel T, Guivel-Benhassine F, Lorin V, Lortat-Jacob H, Baleux F, Bourdic K, Noel N, Lambotte O, Mouquet H, Schwartz O
J. Virol., 2017
Different Expression of Interferon-Stimulated Genes in Response to HIV-1 Infection in Dendritic Cells Based on Their Maturation State
Calonge E, Bermejo M, Diez-Fuertes F, Mangeot I, Gonzalez N, Coiras M, Tormo LJ, Garcia-Perez J, Dereuddre-Bosquet N, Le Grand R, Alcami J
J. Virol., 2017
Becquemont L, Picard N, Verstuyft C
Therapie, 2017
Pharmacogenetics of antidepressant drugs: State of the art and clinical implementation - recommendations from the French National Network of Pharmacogenetics
Quaranta S, Dupouey J, Colle R, Verstuyft C
Therapie, 2017
Type 1 Gaucher disease (CYP2D6-eliglustat)
Becquemont L
Therapie, 2017
Impact of CD4 and CD8 dynamics and viral rebounds on loss of virological control in HIV controllers
Chereau F, Madec Y, Sabina C, Obel N, Ruiz-Mateos E, Chrysos G, Fidler S, Lehmann C, Zangerle R, Wittkop L, Reiss P, Hamouda O, Perez VE, Leal M, Mocroft A, De Olalla PG, Ammassari A, Monforte AD, Mussini C, Segura F, Castagna A, Cavassini M, Grabar S, Morlat P, De Wit S, Lambotte O, Meyer L
PLoS ONE, 2017
Imipramine Inhibits Chikungunya Virus Replication in Human Skin Fibroblasts through Interference with Intracellular Cholesterol Trafficking
Wichit S, Hamel R, Bernard E, Talignani L, Diop F, Ferraris P, Liegeois F, Ekchariyawat P, Luplertlop N, Surasombatpattana P, Thomas F, Merits A, Choumet V, Roques P, Yssel H, Briant L, Misse D
Sci Rep, 2017
Fibered Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy for the Noninvasive Imaging of Langerhans Cells in Macaques
Todorova B, Salabert N, Tricot S, Boisgard R, Rathaux M, Le Grand R, Chapon C
Contrast Media Mol. Imaging, 2017
Electroporation as a vaccine delivery system and a natural adjuvant to intradermal administration of plasmid DNA in macaques
Todorova B, Adam L, Culina S, Boisgard R, Martinon F, Cosma A, Ustav M, Kortulewski T, Le Grand R, Chapon C
Sci Rep, 2017
Endogenous TRIM5 alpha Function Is Regulated by SUMOylation and Nuclear Sequestration for Efficient Innate Sensing in Dendritic Cells
Portilho DM, Fernandez J, Ringeard M, Machado AK, Boulay A, Mayer M, Muller-Trutwin M, Beignon AS, Kirchhoff F, Nisole S, Arhel NJ
Cell Reports, 2016
Immune-related adverse events with immune checkpoint blockade: a comprehensive review
Michot JM, Bigenwald C, Champiat S, Collins M, Carbonnel F, Postel-Vinay S, Berdelou A, Varga A, Bahleda R, Hollebecque A, Massard C, Fuerea A, Ribrag V, Gazzah A, Armand JP, Amellal N, Angevin E, Noel N, Boutros C, Mateus C, Robert C, Soria JC, Marabelle A, Lambotte O
Eur. J. Cancer, 2016
Plasmacytoid dendritic cells and myeloid cells differently contribute to B-cell-activating factor belonging to the tumor necrosis factor superfamily overexpression during primary HIV infection
Borhis G, Burelout C, Chaoul N, Smith N, Goujard C, Meyer L, Paul S, Saoudin H, Hosmalin A, Gilbert C, Herbeuval JP, Richard Y
AIDS, 2016
Elimination of HIV-1-infected cells by broadly neutralizing antibodies
Bruel T, Guivel-Benhassine F, Amraoui S, Malbec M, Richard L, Bourdic K, Donahue DA, Lorin V, Casartelli N, Noel N, Lambotte O, Mouquet H, Schwartz O
Nat. Commun., 2016
Intradermal injection of an anti-Langerin-HIVGag fusion vaccine targets epidermal Langerhans cells in nonhuman primates and can be tracked in vivo
Salabert N, Todorova B, Martinon F, Boisgard R, Zurawski G, Zurawski S, Dereuddre-Bosquet N, Cosma A, Kortulewski T, Banchereau J, Levy Y, Le Grand R, Chapon C
Eur. J. Immunol., 2016
Hepatitis E Virus Prevalence among Blood Donors, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Traore KA, Ouoba JB, Rouamba H, Nebie YK, Dahourou H, Rossetto F, Traore AS, Barro N, Roques P
Emerg. Infect. Dis, 2016
Management of immune checkpoint blockade dysimmune toxicities: a collaborative position paper
Champiat S, Lambotte O, Barreau E, Belkhir R, Berdelou A, Carbonnel F, Cauquil C, Chanson P, Collins M, Durrbach A, Ederhy S, Feuillet S, Francois H, Lazarovici J, Le Pavec J, De Martin E, Mateus C, Michot JM, Samuel D, Soria JC, Robert C, Eggermont A, Marabelle A
Ann. Oncol., 2016
The local environment orchestrates mucosal decidual macrophage differentiation and substantially inhibits HIV-1 replication
El Costa H, Quillay H, Marlin R, Cannou C, Duriez M, Benjelloun F, de Truchis C, Rahmati M, Ighil J, Barre-Sinoussi F, Nugeyre MT, Menu E
Mucosal Immunol., 2016
Nuclear Envelope Protein SUN2 Promotes Cyclophilin-A-Dependent Steps of HIV Replication
Lahaye X, Satoh T, Gentili M, Cerboni S, Silvin A, Conrad C, Ahmed-Belkacem A, Rodriguez EC, Guichou JF, Bosquet N, Piel M, Le Grand R, King MC, Pawlotsky JM, Manel N
Cell Reports, 2016
Gene Expression Profiling to Predict and Define Cardiac Allograft Acute Cellular Rejection
Bodez D, Hocini H, Tchitcheck N, Tisserand P, Benhaiem N, Barau C, Kharoubi M, Guellich A, Guendouz S, Radu C, Couetil J, Dubois-Rande J, Teiger E, Hittinger L, Levy Y, Damy T
J. Heart Lung Transplant., 2016
Superior Efficacy of a Human Immunodeficiency Virus Vaccine Combined with Antiretroviral Prevention in Simian-Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Challenged Nonhuman Primates
Le Grand R, Dereuddre-Bosquet N, Dispinseri S, Gosse L, Desjardins D, Shen XY, Tolazzi M, Ochsenbauer C, Saidi H, Tomaras G, Prague M, Barnett SW, Thiebaut R, Cope A, Scarlatti G, Shattock RJ
J. Virol., 2016
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