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Services and collaborations

Prestations et Collaborations
Published on 18 February 2022

Requests for services or collaboration

MIRCen obtained IBiSA accreditation in 2009 for preclinical studies in primates, principally in the domain of neurodegenerative diseases. For collaborative research projects or the provision of services,  the MIRCen platforms and the know-how of their teams are available to both academic and industrial members of the scientific community. Studies on rodents (rats and mice) are also possible.

Conditions of access

The project initiator should complete a request form  for the research project concerned, and this form should be submitted by e-mail to the following address:

Requests for services are evaluated monthly, by a steering committee, which evaluates the feasibility of the project and the availability of the installations and expertise requested.

Conditions of execution

Once a request has been validated, the research project is carried out by the teams of MIRCen. If the completion of the project requires the particular know-how of the project initiator or their team, personnel from that team may become involved in performing the study. The possibility of accommodating the team/program within the premises of MIRCen can be considered, particularly in the framework of collaborations.

Funding and contracts

Users are charged for access to the platforms and know-how of MIRCen . If a project is selected by the steering committee, a quote and provisional timetable are established, based on the design of the study, and these elements are sent to the project initiator together with the response of MIRCen .

If the project initiator accepts the proposal, access to MIRCen is formalized by signing a contract (there will be a period allowed after the selection of the project, for legal validation and signing a convention).