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Published on 12 July 2018
A quick and simple in vitro assay to predict bioavailability of actinides following accidental exposure
Van der Meeren A, Angulo JF, Bohand S, Griffiths NM
Americium biodistribution in rats after wound contamination with different physicochemical forms in the presence or absence of plutonium: analyses using STATBIODIS
Lamart S, Van der Meeren A, Grémy O, Miccoli L, Coudert S, Dubois S, Bibard S, Serond AP, Angulo JF, Griffiths NM
Comments on actinide radiotoxicology research and the 3Rs remit – Replace, Reduce and Refine
Griffiths N M., Van der Meeren A., Angulo JF
BIO Web of Conferences 14 HEIR 2018, 2019, 1-2
"Exploiting the ""Rat Actinide Repository"" at the Laboratory of Radio Toxicology, CEA, France"
Griffiths NM., Stéphanie L, Humbert A-C, Van der Meeren A
BIO Web of Conferences 14 HEIR 2018, 2019, 1-2
From in vivo to in vitro models to assess bioavailability properties of Plutonium compounds
Grémy O., Griffiths NM., Miccoli L., and Van der Meeren A
BIO Web of Conferences 14 HEIR 2018, 2019, 1-2
Influence of the physico-chemical form on americium biodistribution after wound contamination: re-analysis of experimental data using STATBIODIS
Lamart S., Van der Meeren A., Dubois S., Bibard S., Serond AP., Angulo JF., and Griffiths NM
BIO Web of Conferences 14 HEIR 2018, 2019, 1-2
Medical countermeasures against radionuclide contamination: An overview
Grémy O
BIO Web of Conferences 14 HEIR 2018, 2019, 1-2
Method for detecting and characterizing actinide-bearing micro-particles in soils and sediment of the Fukushima Prefecture, Japan
Jaegler H, Pointurier F, Onda Y, Angulo J.F., Griffiths NM, Moureau A, Faure A-L, Marie O, Hubert A., Evrard· O
Répondre aux risques NRBC. Prise en charge thérapeutique suite à une contamination radiologique
Van der Meeren A et Legallic C.
L’actualité chimique
Toxicity mechanisms of cobalt oxide particles (Co3O4P) on human lung cells: impact of solubilization
Malard V., Bresson C., Uboldi C., Delangle P., Van der Meeren A., Lemaire D., Darolles C., Orsière T., Ortega R., and Berthomieu C
BIO Web of Conferences 14 HEIR 2018, 2019, 1-2
Actinide-contaminated Skin: Comparing Decontamination Efficacy of Water, Cleansing Gels, and DTPA Gels
Tazrart A, Bolzinger MA, Lamart S, Coudert S, Angulo JF, Jandard V, Briançon S, Griffiths NM
Towards the development of chitosan nanoparticles for plutonium pulmonary decorporation
Léost L, Roques J, Van Der Meeren A, Vincent L, Sbirrazzuoli N, Hennig C, Rossberg A, Aupiais J, Pagnotta S, Den Auwer C, Di Giorgio C
Delivery of DTPA through Liposomes as a Good Strategy for Enhancing Plutonium Decorporation Regardless of Treatment Regimen.
Gremy O, Miccoli L, Lelan F, Bohand S, Cherel M, Mougin-Degraef M.
Actinide bioimaging in tissues: comparison of emulsion and solid track autoradiography techniques with the iQID camera.
Lamart S, Miller BW, Van der Meeren A, Tazrart A, Angulo J. F, and Griffiths N M.
Analysis methodology and development of a statistical tool for biodistribution data from internal contamination with actinides.
Lamart S., Griffiths N.M., Tchitchek N., Angulo J.F, Van der Meeren A.
Decorporation Approach after Rat Lung Contamination with Plutonium: Evaluation of the Key Parameters Influencing the Efficacy of a Protracted Chelation Treatment.
Gremy O., Coudert S., Renault D., Miccoli L.
Skin absorption of actinides: influence of solvents or chelates on skin penetration ex vivo.
Tazrart A., Bolzinger MA., Coudert S., Lamart S., Miller B.W., Angulo J.F., Briançon S., Griffiths N.M.
Body size-specific effective dose conversion coefficients for ct scans.
Romanyukha A., Folio L., Lamart S., Simon S.L., Lee C.
Decorporation of Pu/Am Actinides by Chelation Therapy: New Arguments in Favor of an Intracellular Component of DTPA Action.
Gremy O., Laurent D., Coudert S., Griffiths N.M., Miccoli L.
In vitro assessment of plutonium uptake and release using the human macrophage-like THP-1 cells.
Van der Meeren A, Moureau A, Laurent D, Laroche P, Angulo JF
Organ Dose Estimates for Hyperthyroid Patients Treated with (131)I: An Update of the Thyrotoxicosis Follow-Up Study.
Melo D.R., Brill A.B., Zanzonico P., Vicini P., Moroz B., Kwon D., Lamart S., Brenner A., Bouville A., Simon S.L.
Penetration and decontamination of americium-241 ex vivo using fresh and frozen pig skin.
Tazrart A., Bolzinger M.A., Moureau A., Molina T., Coudert S., Angulo J.F., Briancon S., Griffiths N.M.
Reconstruction of organ dose for external radiotherapy patients in retrospective epidemiologic studies.
Lee C., Jung J.W., Pelletier C., Pyakuryal A., Lamart S., Kim J.O., Lee C.
A threshold of endogenous stress is required to engage cellular response to protect against mutagenesis
Saintigny Y, Chevalier F, Bravard A, Dardillac E, Laurent D, Hem S, Depagne J, Radicella JP2, Lopez BS
Kin17 facilitates multiple double-strand break repair pathways that govern B cell class switching.
Le M., Haddad D., Ling A., Li C., So C., Chopra A., Hu R., Angulo J.F., Moffat J. and Martin A.
S values for 131I based on the ICRP adult voxel phantoms.
Lamart S., Simon SL., Bouville A., Moroz B.E., Lee C.
Forecasting the in vivo behavior of radiocontaminants of unknown physicochemical properties using a simple in vitro test
Griffiths NM, Coudert S, Moureau A, Laroche P, Angulo JF, Van der Meeren A. ,
Developing a physiologically based approach for modeling plutonium decorporation therapy with DTPA
Kastl M, Giussani A, Blanchardon E, Breustedt B, Fritsch P, Hoeschen C, Lopez MA
Medical countermeasures after a radiological event  An update from the CATO project
Leiterer A, Bardot I, Menetrier F, Bardot S, Gremy O, Berard P, Pech A, Favaro P
Actinide handling after wound entry with local or systemic decorporation therapy in the rat
Griffiths NM, Coudert S, Renault D, Wilk JC, van der Meeren A
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