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Experimental and Molecular Pharmacology Laboratory

​The laboratory (LPEM) research activity is based on the discovery, pharmacological characterization, engineering and in-vivo pre-clinical evaluation of natural peptides and phycotoxins to develop innovate drugs and efficient detection kits.  
Published on 29 August 2022


Denis Servent
01 69 08 52 02


Muriel Amar, Paris University Lecturer
Romulo Aráoz, CNRS Researcher
Évelyne Benoit, CNRS Researcher
Nicolas Gilles, CEA Researcher
Xavier Iturrioz, INSERM Researcher
Mathilde Keck, CEA Researcher
Pascal Kessler, CEA Researcher
Jordi Molgó, CNRS Researcher
Philippe Robin, Paris-Saclay University Lecture

Peggy Barbe, CEA Technician
Marion Chaigneau, CEA Technician
Nicolas Lamassiaude, Postdoctoral Fellow
Aurélie Antunes, PhD student
Goran Stanajic Petrovic, PhD student
Anne-Cécile Van Baelen, PhD student


Araoz R, Barnes P, Sechet V, Delepierre M, Zinn-Justin S, Molgo J, Zakarian A, Hess P, Servent D. 2020. Cyclic imine toxins survey in coastal european shellfish samples: Bioaccumulation and mode of action of 28-O-palmitoyl ester of pinnatoxin-G. first report of portimine-A bioaccumulation. Harmful Algae  98, 101887. 10.1016/j.hal.2020.101887.

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