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METRIC laboratory

​METRIC laboratory develops ultra-high and extreme fields MRI methods and hardware to map the human and non-human primate brains at unprecedented resolutions.

Published on 21 March 2023

​Director: Alexandre Vignaud

METRIC laboratory comprises 3 teams: 

  • Instrumentation team, directed by Alexis Amadon, develops MRI hardware (antennas, dynamic field correction systems, ...) to convert the signal gain obtained using extreme fields into resolution gain.
  • Acquisition Methodology team, directed by Nicolas Boulant, develops innovative parallel transmission, acquisition and reconstruction techniques to design novel neuroimaging methods based on the use of ultra-high and extreme fields.
  • Iseult Management team, directed by Frédéric Leprêtre and Franck Mauconduit, is in charge of the operation of Iseult 11.7 T MRI system.