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CIEL laboratory

​CIEL laboratory develops innovative methodologies for understanding the biophysics of brain mechanisms such as metabolism, neuronal activity and molecules transport, both in normal and pathological conditions using ultra-high and extreme field MRI and MRS, ultrasounds, and histology, following a translational strategy from animals to humans.

Published on 26 June 2023

​Director: Sébastien Mériaux

CIEL laboratory comprises 3 teams:

  • MIDAS team, directed by Benoît Larrat, develops MR-based and ultrasounds-based molecular imaging methods to identify new relevant biomarkers of brain pathologies.
  • NeuroPhysics team, directed by Luisa Ciobanu, develops new high resolution functional/metabolic MRI methods to study the coupling between energy metabolism and neurotransmission during brain activation.
  • CICLOPS team, directed by Fawzi Boumezbeur, develops advanced MRS and X-nuclei MRI methods to explore the relationship between energy metabolism and neurotransmission in psychiatric and neurologial disorders.