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Our areas of research
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LISM : Capteur de mesure du coefficient d’échange de chaleur : FinCoef h. Conception couches minces en céramique cofrittée et micro pistes en platine procédé HTCC 1600°C. © A.Aubert /CEA

To achieve our objectives and fulfil our mission statement, our teams are tasked with working in different areas of research within a cross-disciplinary framework. They are devoted to studying the different processes, technologies and models involved in mastering the phenomena coming into play in the various fields of nuclear energy.​​​​​​


​Second and third generation PWRs of today

Our objective is to support the EDF reactor fleet on issues such as service lifetimes, reactor performance, availability and nuclear safety. The EDF fleet is composed of pressurised water reactors (PWR).

CEA IRESNE Un Institut de recherche du CEA sur le Centre de CADARACHE.​​​​

​Nuclear reactors of the future

Research on the fourth generation of nuclear reactors is looking to close the fuel cycle and to better manage uranium resources.

Vidéo institutionnelle Cadarache.​​​​

​​Small modular reactors for the future

Small modular reactors (SMR) are designed to generate less power than PWRs. They have been designed to meet specific energy needs, such as replacing coal-fired power plants, and are highly innovative from a nuclear safety and design perspective.

Interview du Directeur du nouvel institut IRESNE du CEA à Cadarache.

​Supporting the French defence sector

​Some teams at IRESNE are responsible for researching fuels, components and cores for on-board nuclear steam supply systems (NSSS) used by the French navy’s nuclear propulsion fleet.

CEA IRESNE Un Institut de recherche du CEA sur le Centre de CADARACHE.​​​​​​

​Nuclear fuel cycle: towards the complete recycling of recoverable materials

​Researchers are studying all aspects of the fuel manufacturing, treatment and recycling process with the goal of closing this cycle by using all recoverable materials to generate more energy.​​

Vidéo institutionnelle Cadarache.​​​​

R&D for clean-up and dismantling

IRESNE also collaborates with other CEA units on issues concerning the dismantling of nuclear facilities at the end of their service life and the treatment of nuclear waste.

Interview du Directeur du nouvel institut IRESNE du CEA à Cadarache. 

​​Jules Horowitz research reactor - JHR

This reactor will be an essential tool in supporting studies on fuels and materials that are used in both power reactors and research facilities. IRESNE will be the future operator of the Jules Horowitz reactor which is currently being built on the CEA Cadarache site.