Design and innovation
Tiret rouge

Learn about the flagship innovations by our researchers and experimenters

Expertise: experimental tools for ITER

Qualification of cutting tools for maintenance operations in the future ITER experimental fusion machine​

Illustration de la Pipe Forest et du système de découpe. © IRESNE/CEA​​​​

​The TOMIS tomograph

Development of a powerful tool for the physical characterisation of packages using tomography

Tomographie. © IRESNE/CEA​​​​​​


EXOCET is a facility used to study the performance of the reactor’s passive cooling system within the scope of the French NUWARD™ project

Plateforme POSEIDON au CEA IRESNE - Salle de contrôle. Boucle EXOCET pour les études thermohydrauliques des composants du SMR. © S.Poulain/CEA

​Design support on the NUWARD SMR nuclear steam supply system

NUWARDTM - short for Nuclear Forward - is a small modular reactor project currently being developed by a consortium comprising EDF, TechnicAtome, Naval Group, Framatome, Tractebel and the CEA.

Réacteur NUWARD SMR. © EDF 2021​​​​

ATRIUM: an innovative sodium-cooled advanced modular reactor (AMR) concept

In the French national energy & climate plan (PPE), the long-term strategy to close the fuel cycle is expected to be based on fast reactors, which is why conceptual design studies are conducted in this field.

Cœur de l’AMR-Na ATRIUM. © IRESNE/CEA​​​​

ASTRID reactor design

Led by the CEA, the Advanced Technological Reactor for Industrial Demonstration - otherwise known as ASTRID - is a prototype project for the next French fourth-generation sodium-cooled fast reactor.

​Le réacteur ASTRID © IRESNE/CEA

Archeos project

The heat-generating unit for local authorities and industry.

Projet Archeos. © IRESNE/CEA 

​EVEREST : an experimental loop

EVEREST is an experimental facility dedicated to the validation of a passive cooling system for the SMR NUWARD™ reactor.

Vérification des capteurs de température sur le condenseur de la boucle EVEREST (SACO) © A.Aubert/CEA​​​​​​

Additive manufacturing of nuclear fuel

Additive manufacturing workshop for nuclear fuel fabrication.

Labo UO2 - fabrication additive imprimante 3D © A.Aubert/CEA