Our means of research

Discover the different modeling and simulation means available at the Research Institute for Nuclear Systems for Low-Carbon Energy Production (IRESNE).

Nuclear fuel behaviour

PLEIADES: A platform specialised in the modelling and simulation of innovative fuels for all reactor technologies.

​Maillage VER périodique inclusions © IRESNE/CEA​​​​

Simulation of severe accidents

PROCOR: The PROCOR (propagation of corium) software platform developed in collaboration with the French nuclear industry (EDF and Framatome) is designed to simulate the propagation of corium within the scope of severe accidents.

Simulation des accidents graves © IRESNE/CEA​​​​

Transfer of radio-contaminants in reactors

OSCAR: A platform to simulate the transfer of contamination and materials for all reactor technologies.​​​​​


Transfer of substances in the environment

LMTE : A reference laboratory at the CEA Energy Division (DES).​​​​​​

​LMTE : Analyse de résultats de calculs de transfert en nappe avec le modèle hydrogéologique de site de Marcoule © A.Aubert