Qualification of devices
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A unique platform used to qualify experimental devices.​​​​​

​​​Plateforme TOTEM : Qualification de dispositifs [Essais dans la piscine Césarine d’un des 2 bancs d’examens non destructifs (UGXR) pour le Réacteur Jules Horowitz]. Après leur qualification dans le hall TOTEM par le Laboratoire de Mesures Nucléaires, puis leur implantation dans les piscines du réacteur, ces équipements permettront d’effectuer des mesures de gammamétrie et des examens en imagerie X haute résolution en support aux programmes expérimentaux du RJH.

TOTEM is a multi-activity platform used for the development, implementation and maintenance of devices and equipment. TOTEM is an environmentally regulated facility (ICPE). It has an experimental hall equipped with two pools and specific equipment for lifting and handling operations.

CESARINE is a cylindrical pool (5.5 m in diameter and 13 m deep) similar in shape to pools for experimental reactors, in particular the Jules Horowitz Reactor (JHR) currently under construction at the CEA Cadarache site. Used for the underwater maintenance, testing and development of equipment from EDF power plants until 2006, CESARINE was subsequently refurbished in 2013. Its capabilities are now being used to qualify future experimental devices for the JHR and the non-destructive test (NDT) benches. CESARINE is also used to qualify handling operations of devices with lines in air environments and workstations around the pool area. Operators are also trained to use the future JHR devices. IRCA is a second pool with a rectangular structure and a geometry similar to that of the storage pools located in the JHR annexe building (BUA). The kinematics of these experimental devices and the workstations around the pool area are expected to be qualified in this building. Thermohydraulic test benches are being developed in IRCA to qualify experimental devices under the thermohydraulic operating conditions of the JHR, and in particular to check their load curve. The TOTEM hall will be used as a test site for future experimental devices to be installed in the JHR.

In addition to these two pools, the facility also features two test loops - CIRENE and CORELE - to study contamination transfers in reactor conditions representative of the aggressive thermohydraulic environment required for material and device tests. More specifically, experiments can be developed to study the deposition of corrosion products on fuel cladding and steam generator tubes, as well as the transfer of radioactive corrosion products in PWR primary systems under PWR or more aggressive conditions. This data is essential to our researchers who can then validate their radio-contaminant transfer simulation codes on the OSCAR platform (see OSCAR).

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  • JHR,
  • Tests,
  • Qualifications,
  • Contamination transfers in the reactor,
  • Corrosion.
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Major equipment

  • IRCA pool,
  • CESARINE pool,
  • CIRENE loop,
  • CORELE loop.
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​Key figures

  • 40 staff members,
  • €1.5 million in investment,
  • About 15 R&D projects and 4 patents.
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  • EDF,
  • Orano,​
  • IDOM,​
  • ONDRAF,​
  • TOTAL.​