Tiret rouge

An expert laboratory in radiochemical and chemical analysis since 1964.​

​Labo UO2 : observation d’échantillons au microscope optique dans le cadre de la caractérisation céramographique des combustibles nucléaires. © A.Aubert/CEA

Our Analytical Laboratory offers a wide range of analysis techniques in chemistry and radiochemistry to meet any request for measurement, assessment and support.

Our researchers develop methods for analysing and processing samples, for extracting elements of interest, and for carrying out characterisation and inspection operations in a range of matrices. Their expertise in assessment supports their characterisation activities, allowing the laboratory to propose a global set of services.

The teams have highly specialised skills in isotope and elementary chemistry, which is a major advantage in the field. The equipment and know-how of our operators guarantee consistent quality results.

Major, minor, trace and even ultra-trace elements can be measured in all matrices, with detection limits as low as 1 ng/L.

We can help you meet all your needs in analysis, so feel free to contact us.