Modelling and Simulation
Tiret rouge

Our scientists optimize responses to extreme conditions for the French nuclear industry.​


Our scientists carry out modelling programmes for major French nuclear industry players, and are specialised in providing optimised responses with respect to the loads that components can be subjected to in extreme environments (e.g. high temperature, pressure and irradiation).

These models are used to understand the phenomena involved, and to design innovative, safe solutions that comply with current standards. Our strength lies in our ability to carry out calculations validated on the basis of extensive, complex experimental databases.

We develop tools designed to manage and integrate multi-scale and multi-physics calculations.

Among our many modelling and simulation studies, our researchers are able to propose studies on:

  • Reactors and fuel assemblies:

- The design of innovative nuclear systems taking into account multi-scale, multi-physics and multi-disciplinary simulations,
- Fluid-structure interactions of fuel assemblies during earthquakes,
- Corium spread (reactor core meltdown) during severe accidents
- Contamination of systems by corrosion products in PWRs and SFRs, but also in nuclear fusion.

  • Nuclear fuels:

- Design and optimisation of advanced or innovative fuels such as accident tolerant fuel (ATF)
- Behaviour of nuclear fuel under all reactor conditions (nominal, incident, accident) and ageing after irradiation.

Outside the nuclear field, our digital methods are also used in non-nuclear fields such as: optimisation of Li-ion batteries by modelling the calendering of Li-ion electrodes, or simulating the mechanical interactions between the silicon particles and the carbon matrix using homogenisation methods.

MFront: An open-source software for efficient, portable implementation of material knowledge.

Developed on the PLEIADES fuel platform of the CEA's Energy Division, this software facilitates the digital implementation of mechanical behaviour laws independently of the simulation code used. Any given law can be used interchangeably in CEA codes, those of our historical partners, as well as in academic and commercial codes in France and abroad. The mechanical laws implemented are used for upstream R&D and engineering studies.
MFront is becoming a standard in both the nuclear and non-nuclear fields.

Our experts are ready to develop models and code packages to meet your needs in complex multi-scale and multi-physics modelling based on scientific computer software developed by the CEA.