Transfer of patents and software licences
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Research by our experts has led to the filing of over 160 patent families.​​​​

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Our patents cover a vast range of disciplines and know-how, from mechanics, measurements and modelling through to processes and instrumentation.

The French Alternative Energies & Atomic Energy Commission) (CEA) - to which the Research Institute for Nuclear Systems for Low-Carbon Energy Production (IRESNE) belongs - supports and encourages the development of innovative products and processes within its institutes and laboratories. To capitalise on and safeguard the research produced by our scientists, these innovations are protected by patents.

According to the European Patent Office’s (EPO) annual report published on 16 March 2021, the CEA was France's leading patent filer in 2020 with 520 patents filed, ahead of SAFRAN and Saint-Gobain. This puts the CEA in 37th place worldwide.

What are the types of patent assignment?

Strongly committed to working with companies in a broad range of fields, IRESNE is able to propose its protected technologies and processes to meet your business requirements. Patents can be licensed or assigned to offer you innovative solutions, increased competitiveness and unique designs under secure conditions.

Under our patent licences, we grant you the right to exploit the invention for a pre-defined period of time in return for a financial contribution. We do, however, retain ownership of the rights attached to the patent.
Patent assignments allow you to acquire the invention in its entirety (invention + property rights).

All patent licensing and assignment agreements are formalised in a contract.


As our patents do not necessarily correspond exactly to your technologies, we can support you in adapting our concepts to your requirements.

Watch videos of inventions from our researchers in the YouTube playlist “Inventors’ competition - 3 minutes for an invention” at the CEA Cadarache centre.

Contact us for a complete list of our patents.