Sodium technologies
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One of IRESNE's areas of expertise is sodium technology. ​​​​

Liquid sodium is used as a coolant in fast reactors, but requires a particularly high level of expertise to guarantee plant safety.

Our engineers and researchers have acquired internationally renowned expertise in the field of sodium technology: sodium loops, cold traps, cooling loops, magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) pumps, valves, etc.

In addition to its use in nuclear reactors, sodium metal is an interesting product for other applications requiring a material that is solid at room temperature but liquid up to 800°C, with physical and chemical characteristics similar to those of water in liquid form.

In concentrated solar thermal power plants, for example, this coolant is being studied more extensively, and our researchers are bringing their expertise to the table.

A sodium school unique worldwide

Our experts also offer specific training courses in a training centre that is one-of-a-kind, i.e. the Sodium School. At our institute, this school trains, passes down and shares know-how in the field of liquid metals, specifically sodium. Since its creation, more than 4,000 trainees worldwide have been able to learn all the techniques and technologies specific to the use of sodium through courses and practical work taught by our experts.

Our sodium experts are happy to share their know-how and management of sodium technology.