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Our experts have developed their own instrumentation for high-performance, reliable studies. This instrumentation must withstand the highest loads in order to be able to operate in extreme and aggressive environments (high temperature, pressure, irradiation).​

​LISM : Prototype de capteur ultrasonore multiéléments très haute température (400°C)​.​ © A.Aubert/CEA

In this context, the scientists at IRESNE have acquired solid know-how and skills in the development and design of customised instrumentation.

Among our instrumentation developed and validated by our experts, we can propose:

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  • The Coef H technology, which can provide all thermal measurements needed to characterise heat transfers between a flow (liquid or gas) and a wall, in steady-state and transient conditions. This is possible thanks to a specific high-dynamic range sensor and dedicated data processing software: fluid and wall temperatures, heat flows (at the interface), heat exchange coefficients
    This technology has a wide range of applications, including thermal fatigue measurements in piping and braking systems. In a miniaturized version, it can also be used to improve living conditions through energy savings via a smart grid (time to watch the Coef H Renault film - 3 min invention?).
  • A multiphase flow imaging device using electrical impedance tomography called ITIE. This innovative measurement method provides a hundred-fold temporal resolution for imaging flows containing at least two of the three phases - gas and/or liquid and/or solid - through opaque walls in a continuous, non-intrusive manner. The ITIE technology can be used to monitor, detect, inspect and manage changes in material mixtures, the presence of foreign bodies, the formation of air or gas bubbles, and temperature variations. More specifically, it can be used to accurately measure the flow rates in each phase, with 96% accuracy. Target applications include process monitoring in the agri-food, petrochemical and healthcare sectors.
  • A high-temperature ultrasonic transducer called TUSHT for acoustic ultrasound imaging. The TUSHT transducer makes it possible to ‘see’ even in opaque and extreme environments (temperature, chemical environment, etc.). It is used for the inspection, monitoring, detection and preventive maintenance of any device or equipment where it is impossible to operate optical cameras.

Thanks to our extensive expertise in acoustics and ultrasounds, we can carry out non-destructive tests (NDT) for in-service inspection; we can also characterise thick stainless steel welds, and detect and locate leaks in heat exchangers and other equipment.

All these sensor, probe and robot designs are followed by data processing throughout the value chain by our engineers and researchers.

Whether in the thermal, high-temperature acoustic or electrical impedance fields, our experts are ready to design, develop and qualify reliable, precise instrumentation to meet your needs and comply with your constraints.